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1165 Assembly Meetings Coming Up


I want to send this out to give you an update Assembly meetings over the next few months heading into next year. It’s amazing that Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is not far away. A few of these items were not mentioned at our last meeting and a few had not yet been finalized. Please review the dates and add them to your calendar.

Next Assembly Meetings

Monday November 25 Meeting will be at Council 395 the Columbian Center

– Dinner will be their famous Brunswick Stew

Reminder – This meeting is in honor of Veterans Day so please wear something patriotic or if you served in any military branch you are encouraged to wear any part of your uniform that may still fit along with stories and medals to share.

Saturday December 7 Meeting will be held at St. Mary’s Council 14129

– This will be our Assembly Christmas Social and counts as our December Meeting

– There will be a short 10 minute meeting where we will cover financials, new and old business, and any upcoming events or meetings before food is served.

– The luncheon will be from 12pm till 2pm

– Dress for the Luncheon is your Sunday best

– Tickets are $10 per person, all are welcome.

Monday January 27 at St. Michael’s Council 11172

– At this meeting we will also have the Renewal of Obligations conducted by Richie Head and Chan Mohney

– Required dress is suit and tie with social baldrics.

Monday February 24 Meeting will be at Council 395 the Columbian Center 



Matthew Zahl

Faithful Navigator 1165