Msgr. Francis Byrne Council [5476]

• 6001 Three Chopt Rd • Richmond, VA 23226 • (804) 282-9511

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June 2021 – Coming out of COVID

Council meetings and various activities are scheduled to begin with in-person meeting as the Fraternal Year Kicks off in August/September. We are excited to announce where and when brothers can assemble as one membership again. Please, keep an eye on the Calendar of Events for updates. “We are Catholic men who lead, serve, protect and defend. We share a desire to be better husbands, fathers, sons, neighbors and role models and to put charity and community first.”  We are please to be doing all of these things in person again!


Knights of Columbus Council 5476 of St.Bridget Church has earned the distinction of Double Star Council for the 2009-2010 fraternal year. The organization’s headquarter, located in New Haven, Ct., made the announcement. The award recognizes overall excellence in the areas of membership recruitment (reaching 200% of quota, thereby making it a “doubler star”) and retention, promotion of the fraternal insurance program and sponsorship of service-oriented activities. The award was presented to the membership by Past State Deputy Pat O’Donnell at a special ceremony held on January 8th.

Receiving the Double Star Council Award is quite an honor for us. We’re extremely proud of this accomplishment,” proclaimed Past Grand Knight Richard A. Willig. “We are one of only five councils in the Commonwealth of Virginia to achieve this recognition“.

Update from the Deputy Grand Knight  7-26-13

On Sunday July 28, 2013, Holy Rosary Catholic Church with our District Deputy Sam Patterson hosted

the Installation of Officers Ceremony for the 2013-2014 fraternal year.

DD Sam Patterson’s District 27 includes:

Msgr. Francis J. Byrne Council 5476 (St. Bridget) ,

Fr. Charles G. O’Leary Council 6457 (Holy Rosary),

Msgr. Thomas O’Connell Council 6589 (St. Paul’s),

Fr. William J. Nolte Council 11533 (St. Benedict’s),

And the Bernard J. Quinn Council 11710 (St. Peter’s/Cathedral  of the Sacred Heart).

DD Sam was pleased to report our newest  Parroquia del Sagrado Corazon Council 15747 (Sacred Heart Catholic Church).

Three of their Worthy Knights were introduced and joined in with the  celebration.

Several State Council members assisted with our installation and celebration including:

State Deputy Tony Fortunato, State Warden Mike Casper, Executive Secretary Richie Head and Associate Marshall Kelly Mortensen.

Our leadership looks forward to meeting you soon and  growing our Council’s initiatives together for this new fraternal year.

Our Officers for this 2013-2014 Fraternal Year are:

Paul Kitchen: Grand Knight

Gary Port: Deputy Grand Knight

Randy Boyd: Financial Secretary

Matt Costello: Treasurer

Richard Bopp: Chancellor

Dale Matanic: Warden

Rick Witty: Recorder

Ronald Coombs, Jr.: Outside Guard

Steve Pellei: Inside Guard

David Geary: Advocate

Alan Serafim One Year Trustee

Mike Kozak: Two Year Trustee


Gary, DGK:741-8666

Update from the Deputy Grand Knight  7-26-12

Thank you Fr Joseph Mary for accepting the position of chaplain of our Knights of Columbus. This of course will involve giving prayer at our meetings. Your expertise to continue to improve our council is welcome.

Dante – Thank you for accepting the position of program director of our council. We hope to look forward new and continued programs throughout the year. [I will help if Needed].

William Simon – Thank you so much for accepting the position of church director. We are fortunate to have such a qualified person. There is huge opportunity in the areas of parish round table, lay apostolate, Engelization, vocations, parochial services, religious devotions, and keep Christ in Christmas activities. Hopefully you [we] can secure John Arkesteyn and add his energy to our missions.

John – We truly needyour love and expertise to help on the vocations outreach as other members have stated. Please accept and join us in our mission.

Mike – Thanks for accepting the very important position of community director .This includes life, volunteerism, human needs [wide open], civic involvement [Constitution week-Sept-17, Environment [clean up areas in city, teach kids to respect their world], public safety [lectures from local police, fire, drunk driving ed, health services – John [and I ] can help-lecture on health topics, and decency. [morality in the media]. Lastly-honor Columbus history and maybe something on Columbus Day

John Port – Signing you for health under Mike Kozak [community director].Really just supporting the blood drive which I believe can be done by our large nurse group or elsewhere [to convenience the Donor]. Also a couple health talks to set up-I can help-maybe we can have an informal “chat with the doc’ session at a meeting.

John Vandersyde – We needyou to accept the very important position of council director. This includes public relations [hopefully Dale], food after mass [Tom], and fraternalism, cultural [group event attendance], Social [a family night], athletics [with Geoff].The blood donor-will be moved to health [John].You are a natural for PR and social!

Dale – Please head up the public relations subcommittee [already doing] which connects us with other religious organizations as Little Sisters and develop a Web page[John highly interested] .

[All on page 20 of our manual].

Steve – We know you can handle the Family director position. This includes family programs [volunteer as a family], education [improve family relations], communications [between teenagers and parents], Family of the year, recreation [picnics], survivors’ assist, memorials.

Geoff – We hope you can head up the very important youth committee. This includes the new to be Columbian Squires[Bryan Powers],youth group support around town[Big Brothers, Big Sisters],athletics, educational programs[essay contest, scholarship]youth welfare[substance abuse talk], the media and kid’s values talk, religious activities [talk on missionary work], and social Nights [movie, pizza party]. [Carl & Frank could help]

Alan – thanks for heading up the recruitment team. Try and and secure John Helfert and John McCulla to help in this VERY IMPORTANT job. We want to double our number in one year.

Dick – you are on for the retention and insurance committee. Thanks .More important-keep the ball rolling as you have and energize all[keep that brain active]-

Greg – We hope you will accept the position of Columbian Squires’ sub committee chairman and start up a youth group which will teach our youth service in the church. How important to further our mission of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.

Winton – We are counting on you heading up the lecturer position. This includes food assignments to various members for the monthly meetings and a program –which are zero now [Dante and I can help]. Also the food bags [I suggest get school kids to hand out-better response and young men potentials], and food, coffee after mass can be a part of this important PR job.  Tom and Gary can help

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