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The St. Bridget Knights of Columbus Council 5476

Catholic High School recognized and celebrates

our Pastor William H. Carr’s  exemplary leadership

in support of Catholic education.

This need-based scholarship is awarded once annually by the St. Bridget Knights of Columbus Council 5476 one-time to a deserving Catholic eighth grade student whose parent(s) are registered members of St Bridget Catholic Church, who is attending a public, private, parochial middle school or is  home-schooled within the Richmond Diocese.

This student plans to attend Benedictine College Prep High School or Saint Gertrude High School in September of the student’s graduating year.

Based on these criteria, all rising Catholic freshmen are invited to apply for:

The Saint Bridget Church  Knight of Columbus Council 5476 Catholic High School $1000 Scholarship.

The Scholarship Board will be made up of four Knights of Columbus Council 5476 officers as Trustees. Middle school children with a father or relative are not eligible to apply if the father or relative is a Trustee with Knights of Columbus Council 5476.


The prospective Catholic High School Freshman scholarship applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Submit completed Saint Bridget Church Knights of Columbus Council 5476 Catholic High School Scholarship application;
  2. Submit an acceptance letter from Benedictine College Prep High School or Saint Gertrude High School;
  3. The student’s family has applied for Financial Aid Assistance through FACTS per the student’s target high school’s requirements;
  4. Submit an essay between 200-250 words (typed, double spaced) discussing “Why I want to attend a Catholic High School”. Only the top of the first page will contain the scholarship applicant’s name and the content will not mention any family names as this essay will be read and evaluated objectively by the scholarship board anonymously. (Please do not include any personally identifying information in the essay);  
  5. List the various voluntary services performed and/or participating in at our church or in the local community;
  6. Provide recommendations from a church leader and the school principal;
  7. Provide Seventh and Eighth grade transcripts.

The application and supporting material must be postmarked no later than April 15 for scholarship consideration for the fall semester. These items must be mailed via first class mail.

If you have any questions, please contact Scholarship Chairman Gary Port 741-8666 or via email at please use the identifier K of C 5476 Scholarship in the Subject line.

The completed application and supporting documents are to be mailed via first class mail to:

St Bridget Catholic Church

Knights of Columbus Council 5476 – Scholarship Committee

6006 Three Chopt Road

Richmond, Virginia 23226



Please “cut & paste” the following into a Word document –

Section I


Date of Birth_____________________


Zip Code_______________



Pastor’s Signature______________________

Section II

Middle School____________________________________

Date of Graduation_______________

School Address__________________________________________________________

Principal’s Signature______________________________

Enclose seventh and eighth grade transcripts.

Section III

High School Choice_________________________________________________

School Address____________________________________________________

Section IV

Provide details of church/community services performed in the past three years.

These details must be typed on a separate sheet of paper.

On my honor I have been the sole author of the essay “Why I would like to attend a Catholic high school”.

I have provided my (mandatory) most current middle school or home-schooled scores per the above  requirements.

I have enclosed a copy of my Acceptance Letter from Benedictine College Prep High School or St. Gertrude High School. My parent(s) have complied with my target high school’s financial aid filing requirements.

Applicant’s Signature____________________________________________


Parent’s Signature______________________________________________


Be sure all items on this page are completed.

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