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Recommended Reading from Brother Michael P. Kozak

TEXT to Save Our Religious Freedom

Help Save Our Religious Freedom

Text “Freedom” to 377377

to defend your right to live your faith. 

As Catholics we are constantly called to live out our faith in our daily lives. In our charities, we comfort the sick, feed the hungry, care for the poor, and protect life. In the marketplace, our values guide us. We strive everywhere to practice what we preach. 

Across America, our right to live out our faith is being threatened – from Washington forcing Catholic institutions to provide services that contradict our beliefs, to state governments prohibiting our charities from serving the most vulnerable. And around the world, it’s even worse – Catholics face persecution and even death for their witness. 

These rights are fundamental. They belong to each and every human being. We cannot let them be trampled. We cannot remain silent. 

Please join the movement to protect our right to live out our faith. Sign up to learn how you can help save our religious freedom. 

Text “Freedom” to 377377 

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Here is Archbishop Chaput’s homily from the closing Mass of the Fortnight for Freedom:

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