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Recommended Reading from Brother Michael P. Kozak

40 Days For Life

Saint Bridget Parish Prays for Life

Part of 40 Days for Life

The 40 Days for Life, which begin every year on Ash Wednesday, is a Lenten-long opportunity to pray for the respect and protection of all human life.

On Saturday, March 20th, interested Saint Bridget parishioners are invited to gather outside of the Planned Parenthood facility at 201 N. Hamilton Street for one-hour time slots of prayer throughout the day. RICHMOND CAMPAIGN

Contact Lisa Yost at lyost@bestversionmedia… or (540) 270-2672 if you have any questions, or for more information.

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Pray For Life in March


Inspired by St. Joseph’s faithful witness, may we help mothers welcome, protect, and care for the gift of new life.


Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be


As Catholics we rightly find inspiration in Mary’s beautiful “fiat”, her “yes” to God’s will at the Annunciation, but we should also recall Joseph’s own faithful “yes” to God’s plan for salvation. Despite the unusual circumstances of Mary’s pregnancy, “Joseph accepted Mary unconditionally” (Patris corde, 4). Through a series of dreams, God made his will known to Joseph, and each time Joseph faithfully responded. It is Joseph who welcomed the Christ child as his own son, gave Jesus his name as revealed by the angel, and continually protected and provided for the needs of the Holy Family. When Herod threatened the life of the infant Jesus, Joseph fled with his family from their homeland to Egypt and patiently waited until they could return to Israel. “In every situation, Joseph declared his own ‘fiat’” (PC, 3). Through his constant care for both mother and child, Joseph makes a true gift of himself. God chose this humble carpenter of Nazareth to guide the beginnings of our redemption, and it is Joseph “who was able to turn a problem into a possibility by trusting always in divine providence” (PC, 5). Inspired by St. Joseph, may we proactively help mothers welcome and care for the gift of new life.

Acts of Reparation (Choose one.)

  • Pope Francis declared December 8, 2020 – December 8, 2021 as the Year of St. Joseph. Offer a prayer to St. Joseph for all mothers in need.
  • Listen to this podcast episode unpacking the importance of this Year of St. Joseph. To go deeper, consider taking time to prayerfully read Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter Patris corde (With a Father’s Heart).
  • Offer some other sacrifice or prayer that you feel called to do for this month’s intention.

One Step Further

On March 25th the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, as well as the anniversary of the papal encyclical Evangelium vitae (The Gospel of Life). Learn more about how these two observances are connected in this brief article.

Did You Know? The Church also celebrates the Solemnity of Saint Joseph on March 19th. Join others in seeking the intercession of St. Joseph for the many people whose lives are touched by adoption by praying the novena from March 10th –18th. Sign up to receive daily email messages!

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Reading suggestion from Mike Kozak

David and Group,

Ordered my copy here. Delivery in time for next meeting and support small Catholic business. Well, I don’t know how small, but Catholic business.

Mike K.

Pope Benedict Essay: The Church and the Scandal of Sexual Abuse

Pope Benedict Essay: The Church and the Scandal of Sexual Abuse

Pope Emeritus Benedict, The National Catholic Resister 4/12/19
Since I myself had served in a position of responsibility as shepherd of the Church at the time of the public outbreak of the crisis, and during the run-up to it, I had to ask myself – even though, as emeritus, I am no longer directly responsible – what I could contribute to a new beginning.

My work is divided into three parts.

In the first part, I aim to present briefly the wider social context of the question, without which the problem cannot be understood. I try to show that in the 1960s an egregious event occurred, on a scale unprecedented in history. It could be said that in the 20 years from 1960 to 1980, the previously normative standards regarding sexuality collapsed entirely, and a new normalcy arose that has by now been the subject of laborious attempts at disruption.

In the second part, I aim to point out the effects of this situation on the formation of priests and on the lives of priests.

Finally, in the third part, I would like to develop some perspectives for a proper response on the part of the Church.

For the Complete Tex, click the following link:

Thanks for Sharing Mike K!

Powerful pro-life message of ‘Unplanned’ not for faint of heart – Catholic Philly

Forwarded by Mike Kozak:  For the entire story, click the link below:

NEW YORK (CNS) — The hard-hitting, fact-based drama “Unplanned” (Pure Flix) dares its viewers to confront the reality of what happens when a baby is aborted.

That’s an effective strategy on the part of co-writers and directors Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon, not least because the peculiar institution of our day thrives on concealment, muddled thinking and Orwellian euphemisms. But it also means that this emotionally unsparing film is not for the casual moviegoer of any age.

Adapted from the eponymous 2011 memoir by Abby Johnson (Ashley Bratcher), “Unplanned” traces her steady rise to become one of the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors in the country. Yet it also shows how she gradually became uneasy about the organization’s marketing of abortion.

Her new stance is welcomed by Abby’s husband, Doug (Brooks Ryan), and parents Kathleen (Robin DeMarco) and Mike (Robert Thomason), all of them pro-life. It also brings reconciliation with some of the protesters she once considered adversaries, including 40 Days for Life activists Shawn (Jared Lotz) and Marilisa (Emma Elle Roberts).

Unsurprisingly, Abby’s ornery former superior, Cheryl (Robia Scott), views her change of heart in a different light. Once Abby’s mentor, infuriated Cheryl becomes the moving force in a lawsuit against her ex-protege as well as against Shawn. Kaiser Johnson steals this portion of the picture playing Shawn and Abby’s unflappable lawyer, Jeff.

While Cheryl is clearly the villain of the piece, the script avoids demonizing all those associated with Planned Parenthood. Nor does it present all pro-life activists in a positive light. Whether this sense of balance will give “Unplanned” any traction with supporters of legal abortion is open to question, however.

Given that the full horror of slaughtering the unborn is on display here, the parents of older teens will have to decide whether the informative value of Abby’s story outweighs its disturbing elements. Those also include a sequence showing the sufferings Abby endured after taking RU-486 in the second of her own two abortions.

The film contains gruesome images of abortion and dismembered fetuses, much medical gore, a mild oath, a few crass expressions and a vague sexual reference. The Catholic News Service classification is A-III — adults. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is R — restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.


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What May Save Us

Mike asked me to share this:

What May Save Us


Virginia’s March For Life – April 3, 2019

Join us to stop pro-abortion extremism in Virginia!

April 3, 2019

New York may have just legalized abortion up until birth, but unfortunately, our home state of Virginia is not far behind. State Delegate Kathy Tran recently introduced legislation that would, similar to the new law in New York, allow abortion up until birth. Thankfully, the bill failed in committee, but we also learned that Governor Northam endorsed this extreme pro-abortion legislation; even going so far in a radio interview to suggest doctors could make a decision on whether to provide care for a baby that survived a botched abortion.

It’s critical that every pro-life Virginian make a stand for life at the Virginia March for Life.


11:00 a.m. Rally at the State Capitol  – Capitol Square

12:00 p.m. March for Life Around Capitol Square*

For a map of the march route, click HERE.

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for information about parking, buses, etc.



hundreds of thousands stood up for life

From Mike Kozak regarding the March  for Life

This is so cool!

Yesterday, hundreds of thousands stood up for the life in Washington, D.C. at the 46th annual March for Life.

This amazing event featured speakers such as Vice President Mike Pence, Second Lady Karen Pence, Ben Shapiro, Abby Johnson, Lila Rose, Dr. Alveda King, and many more!

Not only that, but hundreds of thousands of participants braved the freezing-cold weather to show our country that human life begins at conception and abortion should never be an option.

The video below will give you an idea of how many people attended and literally “marched” for life!

Watch the 1-Minute time lapse

A day without the Knights of Columbus

A day without the Knights of Columbus

Vladimir Mauricio-Perez

May 3, 2018

Imagine a world where a young man rolls out of bed to the street on a gray winter morning. He walks by a shop in the neighborhood and catches a glimpse of a TV through an old window, showing an image of the Pope. Yet what catches his attention is the fact that the so-called beautiful St. Peter’s Basilica behind him doesn’t really look like something to be proud of; it looks more green than white. Then he sees a Middle Eastern Christian family begging for help, saying they were alone and desperate in a city still devastated.

The image sets a tone for the state in which the Church and many neighborhoods and families could be if the Knights of Columbus didn’t carry out the work they do. They are often the unseen force that has made God’s voice audible in the poor, widows, children, nation and Church.

It was the Knights who funded the greatest restoration of the 65,000-square-foot façade of St. Peter’s Basilica in 350 years. It was the Knights who fought until the phrase “under God” was included in the pledge of allegiance in response to the Communist threat of the time. It was them who helped dozens of priests and seminarians during the Mexican Cristero War and the Ku Klux Klan attacks in the last century.

These same Knights of Columbus are still in our midst, transforming our culture through education, advancing and sustaining our parishes, giving wheelchairs to families in need, consistently serving in the Special Olympics, building homes, accompanying veterans, college students and children…

The over $1.5 billion this Catholic fraternal organization has given to charity in the past 10 years and the impressive number of services it provides are the fruits of these great men from all over the world, of these great and simple men at your parish – the same ones who enjoy grilling and sell Tootsie Rolls outside a grocery store.

They make this possible. So, next time you see a Knight, make sure you tell him, “Thank you, Sir Knight.”

Pray the Way of the Cross this Lent

At the Cross her station keeping,
stood the mournful Mother weeping,
close to Jesus to the last.
-Stabat Mater Hymn

The season of Lent begins next week on Ash Wednesday, February 14! Are you prepared?

Lent is a time of prayer, penance and reflection. Among our many acts and observances, Catholics commemorate the suffering and death of our Lord by praying the Stations of the Cross.

The National Shrine is pleased to offer this beautiful Way of the Cross devotional booklet to aid your contemplation of the Lord’s Passion during this Lenten Season.

Featuring meditations on the fourteen Stations written by Saint Alphonsus Liguori, we hope this booklet will be a prayerful means of uniting with Our Lord in his suffering and with his mother Mary, who stood at the foot of the Cross.

Request your copy today and make a donation to the National Shrine using our secure online form.

Thank you for your generous support of Mary’s Shrine. May the peace of Our Lord and His Blessed Mother be with you as you prepare to begin the journey of Lent.