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Welcome New Members Council 5476

On 01-14-21
Congratulations to Brother Knight:

Jack Grabenstein on becoming our newest Third Degree Knight having taken the Charity, Unity and Fraternity Exemplification on Tuesday 1/12/21.

Congratulations Jack!!

On 01-04-21
Brother Knights,

I would like for you all to welcome our newest members, Brian Foley and Alan Acaso. 

Brian Was a member of Council 511 Mary Star of the Sea in Hampton VA.  He and his wife Michelle live in Midlothian and are members of St. Bridget Church.

Welcome to Brian and his family!

Please welcome our newest member, Alan Acaso.

Alan joined the Knights on Dec. 8 through the on-line membership at  He became a third Degree Knight and member of our Council on 12/28 through the on-demand Exemplification of Charity, Unity and Fraternity.

Welcome Alan to our Council!!

December KOVAR Collections are a Success!

On Dec 31, 2020, at 10:20 AM, Anthony Mehfoud <> wrote:

I want to thank everyone who assisted yesterday for the KOVAR 2020.  These are the results:

1st Place – Willow Lawn SC –        $120.31     Bruce Slough/Ron Paquette

2nd Place – The Village.SC –         $108.62     Dan Galihugh/Rick Witty

3rd Place – Ridge SC.-                   $ 60.37      Ron Campbel/Anthony Mehfoud

4th Place – Gayton Crossing SC.-  $ 53.98      Sean Cox/Chris Jones 

The Grand Total was $ 343.28.  

Again, thanks for everyone’s help to make this happen.  If you have any suggestions please email me so we can make it even better next year!

Brother Anthony Mehfoud

Council 5476 Coat Drive

Dear Brothers:

So believe it or not I have one final update on the Puritan Cleaners’ Coats for Kids Drive.  

Because of the generosity of our parish and council, and Metro Richmond as a whole, there was actually a SURPLUS of coats provided to the drive this year. Amazing, as Puritan was quite certain this year donations would suffer.

Despite their initial expectation, our Council made an arrangement prior to the drive, that should such an unlikely situation exist, we would get some of the coats back.  This way we could distribute them personally to our traditionally supported charities: Commonwealth Catholic Charities, St. Peters Community Food Pantry, Sacred Heart Center, Pregnancy Resource Center and the Blackwell School.  

Happy to report when we were contacted by Puritan Cleaners and given the great news, we picked up s a substantial number of coats (adults and children) yesterday, and made them available to all our core charities. 

So what started locally, ended locally.  

I want to thank Brothers Ron Paquette and Steve Oswald to make deliveries to the locations. It was a lot of fun working with you both!  Others offered to help too but the window to act was narrow. 

Thanks Brother John McCulla for helping to encourage the surplus discussion with Puritan, and reaching out to the groups this week and giving them the news we were coming!

Puritan told us that it was thanks to the generosity of our Council, that led to this surplus in the first place. They told me today that if we didn’t contact them next year, they would most definitely be contacting us to help again.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Doug Lynch


St Bridget Coad Drive Success – Letter to Monsignor Carr

Dear Reverend Monsignor Carr, Dr. Clift, clergy, and all the wonderful staff of St. Bridget Church and School,

We at your Knights of Columbus Council 5476, wish to thank all of you for the tremendous support of the Coats for Kids drive you provided, last week. For all your efforts (getting the word out during Mass, the email and bulletin blasts, permission to put collection bins for the week on Snowball, and the many other things you did unheralded), please know that the drive was a complete success and the community at large will benefit.

Parishioners and school parents really were true heroes too. I was overwhelmed by not just the number of coats, but the quality of the jackets, sweaters and other articles of clothing people freely gave.

So how did we all do?

It turns out our faith community shattered the record of coats collected since 1988. They estimate we turned in 1300-1500 coats throughout the week. The largest drop off in history prior to this was 700, when another school contributed to the drive.We have been asked to help them again, next year, and with your permission and blessing, we will do so. 

This has been truly great for the kids and their financially distressed parents who will benefit from these efforts. 

Thanks to all of you, we truly gave the Gift of Warmth to many this year.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!

Doug Lynch

KOC 5476 Activities Director

November Birthdays


These brothers are celebrating their birthday in the month of November.  Please be sure to send them your best wishes!

Dr. Joseph Borzelleca            Nov.  01

Michael Barry                        Nov. 07

Kevin Mcgranahan                Nov. 13

Francis Lackman                    Nov. 14

John Moon                             Nov. 15

Carl Barrafato                        Nov. 19

John Terry                              Nov. 19

Doug Lynch                            Nov. 21

William Buckley                     Nov. 22

Sam Liput                               Nov. 26

Gary Port                                Nov. 28

Birthday celebrants, please join us at our regular council meeting on Monday Nov. 09 at 7:00 PM

09-30-20 Update

Fourth Degree:  Last call for any Third degree Knight who would like to take the Fourth Degree Exemplification (virtual) on Oct. 31 at 11:00 AM.  Please contact me so that we can fill out the application and deliver it to the Assembly in time for you to be included.

4th Degree Exemplification



Speaking of Fourth Degree.  There has been a modification to the rules regarding Honor Guard at funerals and parades.  Instead of needing the new uniform, Fourth Degree members may participate if they wear a dark (blue or black) suit, white shirt, conservative tie, and SOCIAL BALDRIC and Fourth degree pin.  White gloves are optional.  This change enables more Fourth degree members to participate in the ceremonials for a brother Knight.  Please consider participating.  Contact me for details on the training needed.

Superbowl Party

Monday Night Football:  The Columbian Center (Council 395) at 2324 Pump Rd. hosts the Monday night games.  A comfortable surrounding, beer on tap and large screen TV’s make for an enjoyable time.  (Social distancing will be observed.) All are welcome to come.  If you are interested in watching the game with some brother Knights please contact Doug Lynch  (609-977-8953) for details.


Ron Campbell

Food Drive Success for St Peter’s

Brothers, thanks once more for a great morning of fellowship and service this past Saturday.

Between the steady traffic sandwiched between two major waves, it was a successful haul for St. Peter’s Church and Pantry located in the heart of downtown.  We raised over $600 in Kroger gift cards, and over 500 pounds of groceries and supplies.  Special thanks for those who helped us unload on the other end.

John, while you could not be there this one time, your organizational skills remain unparalleled, as the event went off without a hitch (unless you count the one attached to Greg’s trailer—once more Greg thank you for that!).  Thanks for your encouragement and getting the word out as always!

For those of you who have not yet “worked” one of these drives, it is amazing how fast the time moves, when you are getting to know and see people, and make a difference.  As such, it doesn’t feel like “work” at all.

Please consider coming out for an hour or three, November 7th for the next food drive, and/or November 14th for the coat drive. More info to follow!

Vivat Jesus!

Doug Lynch


Gary Port –“from the heart”, September 2020

Dear Brother Knights,

After 2 weeks at VCU health, I am finally home.  Hallelujah! I want to express my gratitude to all of you for connecting with my son John and myself, offering your prayers and well-wishes.

Thank you and God Bless you.   Thank you for your get well cards.  My thanks to our council for the lovely flower arrangement.  Thank you to David for the VCU ball cap.  I wore it as I was discharged!

I hear that some of you have volunteered to drive me to my cardiac rehab sessions at Chippenham Hospital.  Thank you again.

My heart attack story:

Sunday September 6 – I cut all of the branches off my 15 year-old knockout rose bushes.  There were 5 bushes.  I dragged them into my backyard, bundled them in a roll-wrapped tarp, then transported them into a dumping area within my Kanawha Trace development.  This took 5 trips up and down a hill.  On my 5th trip back to my backyard, I was “spent” and rested several minutes.  I made it through the rest of the day, and then through September 7th Labor Day morning without any incidence or pain.

Add 1 PM, I sat on my easy chair. Then I had my heart attack.  I doubled over.  Annette called 911.  Thanks to our rescue squad, I was quickly rushed to VCU Hospital. They performed two procedures on me, one through my right wrist up to my heart, and the second one near my groin to my aorta.  I was given a heart stent and a balloon procedure removed a clot in the heart.

For 3 days, I recouped in the ICU.  Then I was transferred to a semi-private room on the cardiac unit for 8 days.  While in this room, I met a roommate named “Denny”.  Denny is a devoted Catholic and a Third Degree Knight from the Redeeming Church council.  Denny arranged for Annette and I to received the Eucharist with him.  This was our first Eucharist since March!  Denny and I both served on the US Navy as “airdales”, supporting our fighter squadrons.  We both served on the aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Forrestal, but at different times.  We had a lot in common and enjoyed each other’s company, making my days go by more quickly in my confining bed site that had no window.  After 3 semi-private room days, I was transferred to a windowed room which afforded me the opportunity to view I-95 and the City Jail.  On Monday, September 21, my vitals and heart rhythm were stable and, after 2 weeks duration, VCU Health discharged me.   I exited, proudly wearing my VCU hat!

At home, I was greeted by a “Welcome Home, Pa” sign on my garage! A neighbor stopped by to wish me a speedy recovery and offer assistance.  Ah, to be home once again!  Hallelujah!  To take a shower, to drink a nice cup of coffee, to see my beautiful birds on my feeder, to “FaceTime” with my 2 granddaughters, ages 15 and 17, to eat some of my favorite foods.  To have my son John and daughter-in-law be with me.  And to have my beautiful wife organize my meds and help with my home care and walking through the first floor rooms of my house.  Little things mean a lot!

I have been home for 5 days and my strength is improving.  My sleep, unfortunately, is at best 3 hours per night.  I can not get to my computer yet, as it is on the 2nd floor.  I will in time, and I will be patient.

I start my cardiac rehab next week and look forward to seeing some of you as you transport me to Chippenham hospital.

Thank you connecting with me and offering me your prayers.

God bless you all!

Fraternally in Christ, Gary

CCC Food Drive Results from Saturday 8/15/20


This past Saturday was a drencher of a rainy, wet day!  Despite that, you made the Food and School Items drive for Commonwealth Catholic Charities a great success!  We delivered a trailer full of various food and sundries which went a long way to restocking the CCC’s food pantry.  And the school supplies – amazing!  Wonderful to see so many bags and boxes full of school notebooks, pens, markers, folders, rulers and more!  There must have been around 20 backpacks for the kids going back to school – one family donated six!  There were numerous gift cards and checks for the CCC.

Gents, thanks for your commitment to this key mission for the Knights – helping to feed the poor.  And, for providing service to our parish in its mission to serve those in need in our community.

Many thanks again to Greg Stivers for the use of his trailer which really helps these food drive be successful!

And we thank our parish staff for their support to promote the food drives.

We will be planning the next food drive, and looking at mid to late September.

Fraternally,  John K. McCulla 804-306-2488