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Welcome Jacob Temple, newest member Council 5476

Monday November 12, 2018 – Jacob Temple joined Council 5476 by completing his first degree.

Jacob is an active member of St. Bridget Catholic church as the Associate Music Minister. He is a wonderful addition to our council. Please take the opportunity to congratulate him when you see him at mass next weekend.

LTR: Rick WItty, PGK, Jacob Temple, and our State Deputy, Ed Polich
Pictured left to right are Bruce Slough, Membership Director, and new members Bill Cardullo, David Cal Whitehead, Steve Oswald and Brendan Mahoney.


St. Bridget Knights of Columbus Council #5476 is pleased to congratulate four candidates joining the Order; they completed their First Degree initiation at  St. Michaels on June 26, 2018.

Pictured left to right are Bruce Slough, Membership Director, and new members Bill Cardullo, David Cal Whitehead, Steve Oswald and Brendan Mahoney.

Please extend your congratulations to our new Knights when you have the opportunity!

Council 5476 Recognition in the “Knights In Action” publication

Council Recognition-Knights In Action

Knights of Columbus Supreme Council has recognized our council’s “Good Works” .

Our Mass of Remembrance has  been posted digitally  in the Virginia state portion of The Supreme Council’s “Knights In Action” website.

Please enter Ctrl+Click on  link then  go to the page 2 to see the council  postings for Virginia.

Our Scholarship Program  posting is included on page 26 of the Columbia magazine, June edition.

Please, take a look!

It is through the participation and dedication of our growing Council, now just over 100 men strong, that we continue to impact our St Bridget Catholic Church Parish.  We also appreciate the wonderful support of our parishioners when the Knights are in action supporting a cause, or hosting a feast. This joint effort is what makes us ALL strong and successful. We cannot do our good works without all of you!

Fraternally, Gary Port

KOVAR Collections & Dogs 4 Dad’s this past weekend

The St Bridget Knights of Columbus Council 5476 had a successful weekend hosting Father’s Day Dogs 4 Dads, and collecting donations for KOVAR, Virginians with intellectual disabilities.

It was a wonderful opportunity to serve the wellbeing of the parish through collaboration and fellowship. Thanks to Ron Paquette, his son and grandsons for cooking and serving up the best hotdogs in town; thanks to all the brother Knights who helped collect donations for KOVAR after each Mass.

Our total collection was approximately $600.00.  The door is still open if you know of anyone wishing to make a contribution. Please contact Bruce Slough our KOVAR champion to make a donation –

A special thank you to soon to be past GK Rick Witty for requesting an announcement before the 11:00 Mass. As John McCulla suggests, that helped.  

Being a Knight, Making a Difference at St Bridget

It takes a council of K of C men to be present and to be noticed – you are making a difference at St Bridget!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Knights of Columbus cookout on Friday. We had an excellent turnout of over 50 knights, spouses, clergy and guests. And to all of you who couldn’t participate, thanks for letting us know. We hope to get you there next year. It was a terrific party!

A special word of appreciation goes out to Madeline and Rick Witty, our gracious host again this year. You have a lovely home and the perfect spot for this wonderful party. Thank you for your gracious hospitality, and for Rick’s service as soon to be “past grand knight”. And to John B, our chef for the evening, thanks for cooking all the dogs and burgers to perfection!!! And the beer selection courtesy of John M.

Speaking of hotdogs, this coming Sunday is father’s day, and the Knights will be hosting “Dogs For Dads” after Mass on Sunday. Ron needs a little help setting up on Sunday morning, and breaking down after Noon. Please consider stopping by to assist around 7:30 AM. He will need help with the tent and some tables. And again after the Mass you attend, please stop by and see if you can lend a hand serving. We will be located in the School parking lot near the rear entry to the church.

Intl Food Fest 2014

Volunteers are also needed to hand out Tootsie Rolls for KOVAR donations after each Mass. If you are not helping with the Dogs, please grab a vest and jump in to help with KOVAR.

We are counting on everyone’s participation this weekend! Thanks for being a member of the Knights of Columbus, Council 5476!!!



Knights set a new record in charity

Supreme Knight Carl Anderson announced that the Knights of Columbus set a new record for charitable giving and volunteerism. In 2017, Knights and their families gave more than $185 million to charitable causes and volunteered 75.6 million hours of their time.

Through programs such as Coats for KidsFood for Families, and through our work with partners like Special OlympicsThe Global Wheelchair Fund, and the Archdiocese for the Military Services, Knights made a difference.  We’re doing more, for more people, than ever before. But we need men like you to keep up this important work.

 Are you ready to make an impact in your community?

Join us today and become a part of this great and positive movement.

The Knights of Columbus is the world’s largest Catholic lay organization.  It provides members and their families with volunteer opportunities in service to the church, communities, and their families.  If you are interested in learning more about the Knights or would like to join, contact (   name   ) at (email and phone number).  You can also find out more online at



2018 Knights of Columbus High School Scholarships Awarded

Council Grand Knight Rick Witty, Madison Page Kuriger, Msgr. William Carr, Tyler Craig and Scholarship Chairman Gary Port

    The Knights of Columbus are pleased to announce that their two annual $1,000 high school scholarship awards were presented at the St Bridget School Eighth Grade closing ceremony on June 4, 2018. Madison Page Kuriger will be attending St. Gertrude High School, and Tyler Craig will be attending Benedictine College Preparatory. Please congratulate Madison and Tyler for their success in winning this competitive scholarship award.

   St. Bridget Knights of Columbus Council 5476 has awarded this competitive Catholic High school Scholarship for the last five years. To date, the Council has presented scholarships to thirteen St Bridget school students who will be continuing their Catholic education in high school. Contact Gary Port for more information about his scholarship.

   Photo: Council Grand Knight Rick Witty, Madison Page Kuriger, Msgr. William Carr, Tyler Craig and Scholarship Chairman Gary Port.


Bridget Blood Drive Results from May 6th

Thank you to all of those who participated in the Virginia Blood Services St Bridget Blood Drive on May 6th sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Council 5476. This is one of approximately four blood drives we host throughout the year at St Bridget.

St Bridget parishioner, Ann VanderSyde, donating blood



“The effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is!” (Unknown) What we do through the life-saving gift of donating our blood has a profound positive impact on countless lives. While we give of ourselves not knowing our recipients, we know these donations make new beginnings for people in need.

The act of donating blood is one of the most selfless, anonymous acts of kindness there is, to which the benefit cannot truly be measured. It is in fact one of the most Christ-like deeds we can offer in love of our fellow man; blood donation is positive, impactful, selfless, gracious, merciful and life-saving. Of course not everyone can give, but I hope we can rely on the men in our Council to support the culture of participation for the Blood Drive going forward. We need everyone’s help in order to grow the number of participants from our parish.

Please recognize the following St Bridget parishioners for their generous donations on May 6th, 2018:

  1. Beverly C. Bernardin
  2. *Ronald J. Campbell
  3. Mary Ellen Colangelo
  4. James M. Duke
  5. Thomas A. Gill
  6. *Gene Kastleberg
  7. *Philip F. Koren
  8. *Gary D. Liput
  9. *Samuel G. Liput
  10. Jennifer M. McLemore
  11. *Ronald F. Paquette
  12. *John N. VanderSyde
  13. Eric J. Yost
  14. Lisa C Yost

*Members of Knights of Columbus Monsignor Frances J Byrne Council 5476

The next blood drive will take place on August 12th. Please contact me if you have any questions about the Blood Drive.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!

Yours truly, JohnVanderSyde

Council 5476 Communications Director

Special Thanks to Volunteers at the FFF

Thank you to all who helped with this wonderful event last week end – [French Food Festival].

Whether you were working at Mike McClure’s tent or somewhere else volunteering, the Knights from St Bridget (and wives) were well represented. There was a lot of prep work and cooking done by many on five nights prior to the event….thanks to you folks.

A couple of special thanks go to Ron Campbell and Ann/Randy Boyd who were there for countless hours assisting me keeping the food moving!

 I am proud to be associated with such a giving group.


 Rick Witty

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Commercial MRO Sales

O 888-334-0004

C 804-640-0305

e-mail: or


Mass of Remembrance held on 4/21/18

On Saturday, April 21, 2018 The Knights of Columbus from Saint Bridget Catholic Church hosted a Mass of Remembrance for their Departed Brothers with Monsignor William H. Carr as Celebrant.

This was a candle-lighting service with all  5 verses of “Christ Be Our Light” being sung . Of the 20 honorees,  6 widows, a mother and  departed’ s families attended.

Richmond Councils 5476 and 395 conducted this Memorial Mass for twenty of their departed Brothers, with the Richmond Assembly 1165 Honor Guard present. 

Each of our brothers were honored with the announcement of their name, a  bell ringing, a sword salute by the honor guard and a lighting of a candle.