Blood Drive with Knights Council 5476

The next Blood Drive is scheduled for August 22 from 8:30 AM to 12:30 AM

The Drive will take place at St Bridget Catholic Church in Mother Presentation Hall (the School Gym behind the Church) 6011 York Road, Richmond, VA 23226.  We will have access to the space closest to Snowball Lane.

Remember to sign up early and to use your Rapid-pass registration on the day of the drive. Visit to find the drive and get additional information.


The American Red Cross, our Blood Drive Collection service provider

Knights of Columbus Council 5476 is the host sponsor for the St. Bridget Catholic Church recurring Blood Drive. The American Red Cross absorbed Virginia Blood Services in 2018, and we are now working closely with them to continue our tradition of giving life by donating Blood.

You can sign up in advance online at We set up a donation center in Mother Presentation Hall adjacent to the church several times a year, and work hard to solicit participation from our parish.  Notifications will be provide on the Church website calendar, and through the Church Bulletin. Please consider giving!

A blood donor is a special kind of volunteer; by committing about an hour of your time, you can donate a gift more precious than time or money: the gift of life through blood. One donation of blood can help support up to three patients’ lives.

AnnV giving Blood - June 2013The American Red Cross (ARC) is the nonprofit provider of blood products to area hospitals. When donors give blood with the ARC, you are supporting patients in need of blood every day.

If you have questions about the Blood Drive, please contact Brother John VanderSyde, Coordinator, at (804) 683-9181 or email him at

Giving blood supports and saves LIFE:

  • It is perhaps the greatest physical gift that we can offer one another as human beings, and as good Christians
  • Your expense is only the TIME it takes for you to donate
  • You can selflessly and anonymously gift life by helping others who are truly in desperate need of blood
  • Your will actually be saving lives with your blood donation.

It’s a powerful concept to consider. Hopefully you will think about helping with this endeavor too.  Thank you!

The American Red Cross, our Blood Drive Collection service provider

2016 NEWS from The BLOOD DRIVE:


We have another record setter!!!  We registered 31 people and collected 28 units!  Everyone was so patient and we appreciate that.  The staff said almost every sign up came and a few walkins.  Thank you all for your efforts and hard work.  It is so great to see this blood drive growing!  Let’s talk more about the space for next time.  I was to run some ideas by our collections manager.  Christine Homan []


Dear Brother Knights and Men’s Ministry:

We just completed our late-summer Blood Drive at St Bridget. We had 13 generous donors, but these numbers are down from participation of the past. End of summer is a tough time of year with travel, vacations and a return to school, but we do greatly appreciate all the support from our Council and Church. This is such a huge gift, one that cannot be overvalued, and is truly the “gift of Life”!

On September 10th at Noon I will be meeting with Christine Homan, parishioner and Account Manager for VBS, for a lunch meeting at O’Charlies – the corner of Horsepen and Broad Streets. We are looking for ideas and suggestions to improve turnout at future events. Your input will be valued, and your interest in participating to help us even greater.

Thank you, John


Thank you both for the blood drive yesterday.  We registered 12 people and collected 12 units.  I think there was a lot going on which may have taken away from the blood drive – as well as nice weather after a week of rain!

The next drive is August 30th.

Thank you both for all you do and I hope you have a great week!  John – if you and Ann want to come donate at the center let me know.  I also have some other community blood drives this week if that works better.

Christine Homan, Account Manager


Good morning Gentlemen!

Thank you so much for the blood drive yesterday.  We did very well.  We registered 20 people and brought back 18 units.  This is a huge help as we head into the holidays!  I stopped by for a bit and it was great to see such a crowd – thank you both for all you have done for this entire year!

I have some dates for 2015.  Let me know what you think:   March 8; June; Sept 13; Nov 22 (Thanksgiving weekend)

Merry Christmas to both of you and your families!!

Christine Homan, Account Manager

Knights of Columbus at St. Bridget Catholic Church, Richmond, VA 23226

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