Member Message from Grand Knight Bruce Slough

Dear Prospective Member,  

Perhaps you have heard of GK Chesterton. He is credited with saying, “The moment you are fair to the Church, you begin to grow fond of it.” Perhaps the same applies for you with the Knights of Columbus. 

The Knights exist to provide Catholic fellowship and evangelization. Our goal is to help men, their families and our parish grow closer to Christ. We provide many opportunities to live and spread the Catholic faith. St. Bridget’s Knights are effective because we have developed an authentically friendly group of men with many of the same interests, especially with respect to faith, family, community and country. 

The Knights clearly recognize that most men’s time is already spoken for with obligatory commitments, including family, work and community. For that reason, our expectation of your time is as little, or as much as you want to give. But most of our 150 members have a desire to be part of a larger force for good, especially as we witness the unfortunate developments in our culture.  

Father Shuping, Father O’Reilly, Bishop Knestout and Monsignor Carr are Knights and strong supporters.  

Will you consider joining us? You can by simply going to . Or you can come for a casual dinner social on any second Monday from 6:30 to 7:00 pm in the Parish Hall. You will likely already know many of the men attending. Thank you for considering! 

                                                                        Bruce Slough 

                                                                        Grand Knight