St Bridget Men’s Retreat Information – January 2022

Exodus Gentlemen – Based on our last meeting I sent (or tried to send) an email with information about Malvern.  It somehow did not go through.  Sorry about that.  I had information on two things and now can’t remember the 2nd thing.  I do, however, remember I said I would get you the information on Malvern. 

There is a group of us that go up – for the weekend – we go up on the 14th of January (a Friday) and come home Sunday.  It is an amazing weekend – a semi-silent retreat with amazing content, brotherhood, introspection, a rosary in the freezing cold with over 200 men, beautiful grounds, great food, cannolis as further proof God loves us, and great fraternity.  Here is the link Our Lady of Fatima

This is such an important time for me each year for me to recharge my batteries after a hectic Holiday season.  More than that, this retreat has had an amazing impact on my faith life and my desire to grow closer to Christ.  The brotherhood I have developed with so many of the men that have gone has been so important to me as well.  Did I mention the cannolis? 

Please please please let me know if you have any questions or need any information or would like to talk logistics or anything.  Also – please know that there is a suggested donation to go – but we have a benefactor that has donated some extra $ to cover the costs of anyone who does not feel they can make the payment.  Just let me know and I will get it taken care of. 

Andy Condlin 804

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