Support Mary’s Choice RVA


Please see the link below and scroll down to find information about the Gala to support Mary’s Choice RVA being held at the Lake House at St. Michael’s Church on Friday, October 1 @ 7:00 p.m.  This looks like a great opportunity to engage ourselves and our spouses in an event in keeping with our pro-life efforts.


Mike K.

Follow the Link below to learn more,1,n2aBk6n4PzJ4yU968-7iRC8iHFCptEYVL1K5s5INt0x-8oaZi3eG4d1jhydiB6bB8sqcBjM0BL15oVKZ8nsww0kGPiuYib2n_YY-CLwKoQgC27Dow4yz2IOjiA,,&typo=1