June 19 MOvie night


I am pleased to announce our first Family Movie Night….June 19th. The event kicks off right after Saturday night Mass, on the elementary school parking lot (bring your own chairs!).  The movie is Back to the Future, which will start at dusk.

We are working directly with the St. Bridget on this. In addition to the option of bringing their own food and beverages, the attendees will be able order pizzas in advance, a bag of popcorn, free juice and bottled water will be available, and the parish will contribute to an ice cream truck on hand. Bring your own cooler if you want, with the food and beverages of your choice.

The event is free.  If this works, we will be doing more of them! I consider this a great way to recruit for our Council.

Please get the word out, and if you are home that weekend, please come out and support us!

Thank you Ron Campbell and Eric Barker for your help in planning.  Dan Harms is helping with the sound.

Questions? Please give me a call!

Doug Lynch


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