Bishop Knestout blessing the ultrasound machines


I wanted to draw your attention to the picture that appeared in a recent Catholic Virginian showing Bishop Knestout blessing the ultrasound machines that our Council donated, and the mission of the Pregnancy Resource Center in serving young mothers and fathers. 

Both Bishop Knestout and Monsignor Carr made wonderful comments about the importance of the Knights of Columbus in supporting life at all stages, and through initiatives such as ours to help young mothers and fathers to choose to not terminate their pregnancies.  Brother Greg Stivers, Chairman of the board of the PRC during our initiative, spoke to his deep appreciation of our Council and our brothers, and how thankful and touched he was that the ultrasound initiative honored his wife Jennifer, may she rest in peace.  

Executive Director Kim Warburton Sutherland (to the left in the picture) expressed her deep appreciation to our Council and the Knights of Columbus for all we have done to help the PRC succeed in its mission.  She stated that at least 100 lives of the unborn that would have been aborted have been saved over the past year – known through the testimony of the mothers who had a change of heart after seeing the ultrasound images of their children. 

I am so grateful for the generosity and involvement of each of you and of our Council for what we set out to do and for what we accomplished.  Most recently, we helped raise a few thousand dollars more for the PRC in its Walk for Life.  Kudos to Brother Mike Kozak for coordinating this and leading the way.  Mike is the Pro-Life Director for our Council. 

God bless each of you and thank you for your support for life, especially the unborn and the most vulnerable.



John K. McCulla

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226


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