Mass to pray for Pat, Kay and their family


We had a special surprise at morning Mass.  On Tuesdays, there is a Rosary immediately after Mass to pray for Pat, Kay and their family.  Just before Mass, Pat and Kay came up to the front pew.  It was Pat’s first time in church since December.  The Mass was that much more special with Pat’s presence.  Fr. Tochi gave an incredible homily that seemed focused solely on Pat, but just as much on everyone of us in church.  The main message related to where we are on Holy Week, and emphasized that no matter what we are challenged with, we must always know that we are in God’s plan, and we must be confident that God is always, always with us!  Powerful as we all thought of Pat and the challenge he is up against.

Here is an update from Kay on Pat’s treatments:

“The doctors at Johns Hopkins felt strongly that Pat should not have radiation at this point. The cancer has progressed, even though the tumor had started to shrink. The Hopkins doctors felt like he needed stronger chemo to slow the progression of the spread of cancer. So he is back on the original chemo, that caused him to become so ill in December, Minus one of the four ingredients. Radiation, they said, would always be an option once they slowed the spread of the cancer.”

We spoke to Pat and Kay after Mass.  They were so thankful to be there for the Rosary, and just to be in church with the Lord and to participate in the Mass.  Pat is positive and it was a joy and blessing to speak with him.  God is Good.

Please continue to keep Pat and Kay and family in your prayers.  Pray for a miracle.  If you can, join us for Mass and a Rosary on Tuesday mornings.



John K. McCulla