Blood Drive Success


“We collected 13 units yesterday which can help as many as 39 lives!”

By all accounts we had a great blood drive. We did have a glitch with the heating system in Mother Presentation Hall, which unfortunately resulted in having to close the drive early. That was particularly sad because we had completely filled the preregistration slots and were on track to set a new collection record at St Bridget. It was just one of those things that I will do a better job avoiding in the future! This was our first attempt having it in MPH, and it provided the opportunity necessary for us to have such a potentially successful event.

The good news is that the success of online registrations has allowed us to consider offering another drive this summer, but this time during the week. You can see in Christine’s note below what we are considering, with permission of St Bridget School, so we will coordinate our plans and send out updates soon.

Thank you to all our volunteers – Especially brother Steve Pellei and his family, as well as brother John Terry! We had great turnout thanks to you all.  A special thanks to Laura Dvornick Clift, Principle, Saint Bridget School, for assisting us with the coordination of the drive. We couldn’t have done it without her generosity and assistance! Christine Homan gave up her Sunday morning to help keep us organized and on track. Thank you for staying with us throughout the drive. Paul Amrhein has been essential to the planning and coordination of all our blood drives since I’ve been involved. We will miss him once he retires this summer. As always, Kal also provided essential support necessary for us to access and use MPH – I can’t tell you how many times he has come through for us over the years.

Thank you – together our Council does wonderful things to support our church, our parish, and our community!

Note from the American Red Cross:

It was great to work with you all again!  We collected 13 units yesterday which can help as many as 39 lives! It was awesome to have so many helpers too!

I talked with the principal a bit and I believe she said the teachers would be in the building until June 18 but school ends a week or so before that.  One possible June date would be Thursday June 17th – maybe some of the teachers would want to donate.  Or we could make it after they are finished on Tuesday June 22.  The hours I was thinking for a drive in June would be maybe 12-5 or 1-6.  Let me know your thoughts.

We also have you on our calendar tentatively for August 22.  Could we keep that date too?  

Thank you again and have a great week!

Christine Homan

Account Manager, Donor Recruitment Department

American Red Cross

Mid-Atlantic Blood Services Region

2825 Emerywood Parkway

Richmond, VA 23294

Mobile Phone: 804-432-3732

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