Thank you from Sacred Heart Center


Dear Knights of Columbus Council 5476,

Thank you for helping Sacred Heart Center Keep Our Programs Running! 
We are grateful for your donation of $40.00 on 2/27/2021. Your gift allows us to serve our community at this overwhelming time in all of our lives. We keep you and your families in our thoughts and prayers daily.

I continue to be humbled by our community’s resilience and strength, in spite of all of the difficulties that face us. Because of you –  all of our friends, supporters, volunteers, staff, partners, and our program participants, we remain standing – seguimos parados.

The Sacred Heart Center community has done as the palm trees do – las palmeras – bending in the wind, but we do not break. Nearly all of our programs have been moved to a virtual format. In spite of the challenges with this, we still have hundreds of community members participating in educational and youth programs, many times while continuing to work on the front lines of the pandemic, navigating online learning with their children, and/or learning new technology.  Also, we have been providing critical basic needs support to families, serving thousands with food and financial assistance.

We plan on continuing to offer virtual options for our educational classes once we are able to safely come back to the classroom, to serve even more people who may not be able to come to the Center in person! In addition, we are excited to share that our satellite location is now open at St. Augustine’s Catholic Church in Chesterfield County, and we hope to expand our offerings there in 2021.

On behalf of our program participants, staff, and Board, thank you for believing in our vision of a Richmond that embraces each other in our shared humanity. That vision is now, MORE THAN EVER, dear and important, especially while we are apart. We look forward to the day when we can all be together again, in the safe, welcoming space that is Sacred Heart Center.

De todo corazón

Tanya Gonzalez
Executive Director

Our Contact Information
Sacred Heart Center
1400 Perry Street
Richmond, VA 23224


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