Successful Food Drive for St Peter – 01-30-21

Thank you John McCulla for once more organizing the food collection for St. Peter Catholic Church Food Pantry, and thanks to all who participated on Saturday. 

Especially want to thank Brother Stivers for loaning us once more, and Brother Russo for driving, the trailer.  It was great seeing all of you, and meeting new Brother Bob Fout! 

As usual, the collection was a great success…I have not seen the trailer so filled up with groceries and personal care items, in any of the drives I have participated in, to date.  Given that we estimate the food drives to typically raise $3000 in value for the charities, this bodes well that this number was significantly bested.  We also collected $800 in gift cards/cash donations.

Here is the list of the Brothers who helped out. I am sorry if I left anyone off the list.

Augie Keller
Mark Sweeney
Bruce Slough
John VanderSyde
Bob Fout
Ron Paquette
John McCulla
Doug Lynch
Frank Russo

Special shout-out to John, Bob, Frank, and Ron who dropped off the goods!

For those who have never participated in these events, it gives you a great feeling to help others, and to talk to Brothers not just on Zoom.  The time really flies by, even when it is cold!

We are all eyeing Feb. 27th for the next drive, so stay tuned!

Vivat Jesus!

Doug Lynch


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