December KOVAR Collections are a Success!

On Dec 31, 2020, at 10:20 AM, Anthony Mehfoud <> wrote:

I want to thank everyone who assisted yesterday for the KOVAR 2020.  These are the results:

1st Place – Willow Lawn SC –        $120.31     Bruce Slough/Ron Paquette

2nd Place – The Village.SC –         $108.62     Dan Galihugh/Rick Witty

3rd Place – Ridge SC.-                   $ 60.37      Ron Campbel/Anthony Mehfoud

4th Place – Gayton Crossing SC.-  $ 53.98      Sean Cox/Chris Jones 

The Grand Total was $ 343.28.  

Again, thanks for everyone’s help to make this happen.  If you have any suggestions please email me so we can make it even better next year!

Brother Anthony Mehfoud

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