Update on Pat White 12/18/20


I spoke recently to Kay White. She told me Pat is fighting hard but is very weak as he has had trouble keeping water down or to eat anything. He has lost a lot of weight – between 20 and 25 pounds. Pat has had a number of challenges related to his cancer: bad reactions to the strong meds; continued pain; and other ailments that arise because of his condition (kidney stone, a blood clot, etc.). Thankfully, Pat has fought through these situations. And, there was some very good news that an MRI showed no metastasizing of the cancer to his liver.

Pat is unable to receive visitors or take calls. He can only see one family member a day. Kay was heartened to say she had been allowed to be with Pat at night and this has helped him sleep better.

We need to keep praying hard for Pat in his fight. If he can keep his water and food down, Kay was told it may be possible for Pat to be home at Christmas. Please keep the prayers coming, men.

“Dear Lord, we pray for our Brother Pat and ask that you be close at his side in his struggle to regain his health. We ask too that you bless Kay and give her the strength to help Pat in this period of grave illness. Lord, we know that You have a plan for Pat and Kay and their family. We trust in Thee; Thy will be done.”



John K. McCulla
6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226

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