March For Life 2021


When discussing the upcoming March for Life on January 29, 2021, I forgot to mention that our Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson, will be honored at the annual Rose Dinner, held after the March, with The Pro-Life Legacy Award.

Again, brothers will need to make their own travel arrangements to the March for Life because the Knights/Diocese bus transportation has been nixed. If unable to travel, the Rally on the Mall and the March itself will be televised in full by EWTN.

As for the vigil Mass and the morning of the March Mass that are celebrated at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, the Archdiocese of Washington has filed a lawsuit challenging the restriction of a maximum 50 people being allowed to attend Mass, as opposed to a percentage of capacity basis that is employed for other entities. I believe the Shrine can seat over 4,000 people, so obviously many more worshippers could be safely accommodated than 50. The limit is being challenged on the same basis as the successful challenge recently brought by the Diocese of Brooklyn that went to the Supreme Court.


Mike K.

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