09-30-20 Update

Fourth Degree:  Last call for any Third degree Knight who would like to take the Fourth Degree Exemplification (virtual) on Oct. 31 at 11:00 AM.  Please contact me so that we can fill out the application and deliver it to the Assembly in time for you to be included.

4th Degree Exemplification



Speaking of Fourth Degree.  There has been a modification to the rules regarding Honor Guard at funerals and parades.  Instead of needing the new uniform, Fourth Degree members may participate if they wear a dark (blue or black) suit, white shirt, conservative tie, and SOCIAL BALDRIC and Fourth degree pin.  White gloves are optional.  This change enables more Fourth degree members to participate in the ceremonials for a brother Knight.  Please consider participating.  Contact me for details on the training needed.

Superbowl Party

Monday Night Football:  The Columbian Center (Council 395) at 2324 Pump Rd. hosts the Monday night games.  A comfortable surrounding, beer on tap and large screen TV’s make for an enjoyable time.  (Social distancing will be observed.) All are welcome to come.  If you are interested in watching the game with some brother Knights please contact Doug Lynch  (609-977-8953) for details.


Ron Campbell

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