Food Drive for St Peter’s Pantry 9/26/20

090420-KofC Food Drive Flyer – St Peter Food Pantry


Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The next Parish Food Drive sponsored by the Knights of Columbus will be for the benefit of St. Peter Catholic Church’s Food Pantry.  They are in strong need to restock their pantry and they welcome our support!

The Food Drive is on Saturday, September 26th, from 8:45 am to Noon and is again is on the blacktop of St. Bridget.  Please note the earlier time.  We will deliver the food immediately following the drive.

We are promoting the Food Drive now with the assistance of our parish staff:

  • The church will send emails to the parish that include an announcement of the food drive
  • The food drive will be included in the Parish Bulletin
  • The food drive will be in the Announcements section on the home page of the St. Bridget website
  • It will be mentioned during announcements at Masses

What can you do?

Please help this to be a success by promoting the food drive in your family, with friends, and other St. Bridget networks.

  1. Buy some food and/or gift cards to contribute at the food drive
  2. Send the attached PDF to your family and friends
  3. Forward this email with your message to others with the image of the flyer (below)
  4. Ask your contacts to send the flyer or image on to others
  5. Sign up to help during the food drive!

General message for your emails:

 Thank you for your generous donations to the parish food drives being sponsored by the St. Bridget Knights of Columbus.  The next parish food drive is for St. Peter Catholic Church’s Food Pantry, which helps feed the homeless and the needy in the inner city.  The food drive will take place on Saturday, September 26th from 8:45 am to Noon on the parish parking lot.  Food items and gift cards will be collected.  Please help fill their food pantry in this time of need!  Visit our parish website and see the parish emails that suggest the food items to donate.  Thank you again for your wonderful generosity!

Thanks for helping push the word out about the food drive!  Let’s make this the biggest food drive yet!

And, please consider helping during the food drive.  Let’s see some new Brothers for this food drive.  It is fine to have more brothers than needed – the fellowship is good and the visibility to our parishioners is wonderful!  Let me know how you want to plug in on the volunteer chart. 

Bless you, Brothers!



John K. McCulla

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226