CCC Food Drive Results from Saturday 8/15/20


This past Saturday was a drencher of a rainy, wet day!  Despite that, you made the Food and School Items drive for Commonwealth Catholic Charities a great success!  We delivered a trailer full of various food and sundries which went a long way to restocking the CCC’s food pantry.  And the school supplies – amazing!  Wonderful to see so many bags and boxes full of school notebooks, pens, markers, folders, rulers and more!  There must have been around 20 backpacks for the kids going back to school – one family donated six!  There were numerous gift cards and checks for the CCC.

Gents, thanks for your commitment to this key mission for the Knights – helping to feed the poor.  And, for providing service to our parish in its mission to serve those in need in our community.

Many thanks again to Greg Stivers for the use of his trailer which really helps these food drive be successful!

And we thank our parish staff for their support to promote the food drives.

We will be planning the next food drive, and looking at mid to late September.

Fraternally,  John K. McCulla 804-306-2488


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