Fantasy Football to Support Life

Good day Brothers, and hope all of you are going to have a great weekend.

Sending out another notice as we are getting closer and closer to football season (and watching the Washington Whatevers) take the field this year!

I wanted to once more invite each one of you to join the Inaugural Season of Fantasy Football.  If you have never played in a league before, this is your chance.  It is a whole lot of fun and win, lose or draw, we all win by supporting a worthy cause.   100% of proceeds raised will go to support Life.  Here are the particulars:

  1. Initial registration open only for Knights of the 5476. League is First Come First Serve, and we can support up to 20 players divided into one or even two conferences (with the Columbus Bowl happening Week 17, determining the winner and second place—see below).
  2. The annual charitable donation to join the league is only  $30.00 per player.  Ron will provide the mechanism when we resume regular council meetings but I don’t need anything right now, just a confirmation you want to play.
  3. I will manage the league. The game is scored and played in Yahoo! Sports, so you will need to start a free Yahoo! Account to play. It takes about 10 minutes.  The precise scoring system will be shared once you join, but for those in the know, it is a Keeper/Dynasty League, Points Per Reception League, and IDP (not team defense—Individual Defensive Players are actually drafted).  For those of you who don’t understand these terms…no problem! Just e-mail me and I can answer you directly. Keeper/Dynamsty League though, is explained below.
  4. We will have an online draft this year, although the plan is we will also have a location where a few Brothers can be present live with appropriate social distancing. Saturday, August 29th (that’s the weekend one week prior to Labor Day Weekend) is the date.  The tentative time will be Saturday evening around 6PM start.  There will be food and beverages available at the draft, or you can join online and supply your own!
  5. After the draft, players can trade and access the waiver wire in season, to bring on new players and support your team.  Each waiver wire transaction during the season is a donation of $1.00.  You can go the whole season without making one move on the waiver wire. But, if you have a player that gets hurt during the season, you can choose to replace him for the $1.00, for example.  I am one of those people who use it a lot, so the charity we select will appreciate it I am sure.  But the waiver wire usage is completely voluntary. 

  I will also offer a Fantasy Football primer on a Zoom call if we have a lot of new people doing this for the first time.  It will be a live “webinar” session that is recorded in case you can’t join live. Players can also send in the questions to me in advance and I will cover them. Tentative date for the primer will be first week in August, in the evening after work. 

  1. The season lasts 16 games (corresponding to the first 16 games of the NFL Season). On Week 17, the two top players will compete against each other in The Columbus Bowl for first and second place.
  2. I will contribute a Council Trophy for the name of the First and Second Place finisher, for bragging rights of course!  That Trophy will grace your fireplace mantel for a whole year, until it is time to add a new name to it, next year.
  3. There will be other prizes available throughout the season (Highest Score of the Week, etc.)
  4. We will also host at least one social event to watch Monday Night Football  during the season.  It will be open to all Brothers and guests, but there will be a benefits to the League members. Again, all proceeds from the event will go to charity.

So who is ready for some football?! Please email me at with any questions or to reserve your spot in the league. Or you can call.

Vivat Jesus!

Doug Lynch

Direct Line: 609-977-8953

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