Outdoor Mass Held at Benedictine – To Be Repeated Next Week

Brother Knights,

I am pasting a message from our brother Frank Russo regarding the outdoor mass held at Benedictine yesterday.  I was in attendance at this Mass and it was wonderful.  Please consider attending this next week.  Let everyone you know who would like to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist but are afraid of an indoor gathering about this wonderful opportunity.

Here is Franks email:


We had a good turnout for this Sunday’s outdoor mass at Benedictine, about 40 people, almost all St. Bridget parishioners. We’re going to do it again, but with a few changes:

  • Mass will be at 9:15, to try to beat the heat. The indoor mass will continue to be celebrated at 9:00, then we will start the outdoor mass 15 minutes later.
  • In addition to bringing a chair, many people brought umbrellas, which is highly recommended to provide some shade.

Everything else will remain the same:

  • The mass is intended for the elderly, for those who do not feel safe or comfortable attending mass indoors, or for those who are finding the indoor protocols too burdensome – but ALL ARE WELCOME!  We have essentially unlimited outdoor space.
  • Bring your own chair and sit as near or far away as you are comfortable.
  • The priest will bring communion to each worshipper in their seat, so no need to worry about moving around or getting close to others for holy communion.
  • There will be no collection, but there will be baskets in the back where free will offerings are welcome.

We would like to get the word out beyond St. Bridget, so if you have contacts in the Knights or otherwise at other parishes, please spread the word.

Thanks for your help!   Frank