The Jennifer Stivers Campaign to Save the Lives of the Most Vulnerable to be Rescheduled

The Jennifer Stivers Campaign to Save the Lives of the Most Vulnerable has been postponed. 

Because of the pandemic and restrictions on gathering we must reschedule the blessing of the ultrasound machines donated to the Pregnancy Resource Center by the St. Bridget Knights of Columbus.   Bishop Knestout and Monsignor Carr will visit as soon as is practical to bless the machines and the mission of the PRC.

It is deeply gratifying to know that the three ultrasound machines are in full use at the PRC and its satellite location in Midlothian.  Already, these machines are meeting their intended use – to save the lives of the most vulnerable – the unborn.  Kim Warburton, Director of the PRC, wants you to know that the PRC has adapted its services in the midst of the virus.  The have been able to continue to offer their core services including ultrasound exams and the related counseling to pregnant mothers and fathers.  Thanks be to God!

We thank everyone for your generous donations that made this possible!  In this challenging time of the epidemic, we must reflect on the blessings and graces our Lord grants to us, and give thanks for the incredible gift of life!

Thank you for your devotion to saving the unborn!

Best,   John K. McCulla

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226



The SBCC Blood Drive Scheduled for April 5th Has been Cancelled

For obvious reasons the St Bridget Blood Drive schedule for the first Sunday in April has been cancelled. The American Red Cross is still in need of Blood Donations, and they are still collecting from those people willing and able to give. You can always donate at the Emerywood site, 2825 Emerywood Parkway Richmond, VA 23294or go online to find an event near you.

The need is great, especially during the current crisis. Please make a donation if you are able. All donation sites are taking precautions to keep you safe while donating.

Thanks for your understanding and consideration. Go online or call to get up-to-date information.

P: 804-219-6784 /

The Coronavirus Novena starting 3/20

We will start this novena on Friday, March 20th. Please spread the word! While we face the coronavirus pandemic, let us turn to the face of God in prayer and ask for His healing, His help and His protection.  We will pray for all who are affected, for all who are sick and suffering, for all those who work in the medical profession, and for those who have died as well as for their grieving family members.

During this novena we will be asking the intercession of these saints:

The Fourteen Holy Helpers, those who lived during the time of the plague.

  • St. Anthony the Great, patron of those affected by infectious diseases.
  • St. Edmund, patron for victims of pandemics.
  • St. Damien of Molokai, who put himself at risk to minister to epers.
  • St. Rocco, who is venerated for his prayers for those suffering from infectious diseases.
  • St. Joseph, patron of the dying.
  • St. Jude and St. Rita, patrons of impossible causes.
  • St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, who founded hospitals dedicated to caring for the sick.
  • Mary, Undoer of Knots.

    Read more at:

Blood is Still Scheduled for April 5th

While Mass has been temporarily put on hold, St Bridget Catholic Church and the Knights of Columbus will still be holding our Blood Drive Scheduled for Sunday, April 5th in Mother Presentation Hall (The School Gym). The larger space will work to our advantage, and added safety measures are being taken to ensure everyone’s personal health and safety. Please Consider Giving – signup online to secure a specific time-slot at http// and use your RapidPass the day of your donation for speed and accuracy when giving. 

Blood Program Talking Points

As concerns about the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019, COVID-19 rise in the U.S., we recognize that you may be concerned about the health and safety of your blood donors at your upcoming drive. We want to assure you that blood donation is a safe process, and people should not hesitate to give and receive blood.

• The top priority of the American Red Cross is safety – for our valued volunteers, employees, donors, blood program leaders and patients.

• As a reminder, the Red Cross only collects blood from individuals who are healthy and feeling well at the time of donation. Donating blood does not impact or weaken the immune system.

• At each blood drive and donation center, Red Cross employees follow thorough safety protocols including wearing gloves, routinely wiping down donor-touched areas, using sterile collection sets for every donation, and preparing the arm for donation with an aseptic scrub.

In addition to our standard procedures, you will notice the following at your local blood drive:

• Pre-Donation Donor Temperature Screening
o All donors will be asked to have their temperature taken before being permitted into the blood drive.
o If a donor has a temperature greater than 99.5°F they will be asked to come back to donate when they are healthy and will be asked to leave the drive.

• Enhanced Disinfecting
o Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in, health history and refreshment areas.
o Blood donors will be asked to use hand sanitizer prior to using tablets and laptops.
o Donor beds will be sanitized between every donor.

• Social Distancing
o Implementation of separated drive set up to allow as much distance as possible between donors.

• Staff Wellness and Protection
o All staff members will have a temperature check before presenting to work, and they’ve been asked not to come to work if they are feeling sick.
o Staff will wear gloves throughout entire blood drive, changing gloves between every donor.

• Increased Educational Materials
o Donor educational materials on COVID-19.
o Stop sign at entrances to avert ineligible donors from presenting.

• Furthermore, Red Cross employees are trained in universal precautions to help prevent the spread of any type of infection.

• These mitigation measures will help ensure blood recipient safety, as well as staff and donor safety in reducing contact with those who may potentially have this respiratory infection.

As a blood donor, you play a critical role in maintaining a sufficient blood supply, and we ask that you please continue to support our upcoming blood drive in our community to prevent any potential shortages during this public health emergency.

• The Red Cross urgently needs blood drives to run as planned and blood donors of all blood types, to give now and help prevent a blood shortage.

• Right now, many in our community are focused on preparedness, and part of that preparedness includes a readily, available blood supply for hospital patients.

• Cold and flu season has already impacted the nation’s blood supply. As the number of COVID-19 cases grow, fewer people may be eligible to help sustain the blood supply for patients. The need for blood is constant, and donors are the only source of blood for those in need of transfusions.

• Your blood drive provides opportunities for people to give and is critically needed right now to keep the blood supply stable during this challenging time.

• Your efforts to help the Red Cross deliver its lifesaving mission have never been more important.

• Working together, can we ensure patients continue to have access to blood products.

It’s important to emphasize that there are no data or evidence that this coronavirus can be transmitted by blood transfusion, and there have been no reported cases of transfusion transmission for any respiratory virus including this coronavirus worldwide.

• Nonetheless, the Red Cross has implemented new blood donation deferrals out of an abundance of caution. We are now asking that individuals postpone their donation for 28 days following:
o Travel to China and its special administrative regions, Hong Kong and Macau, as well as Iran, Italy and South Korea;
o Diagnosis of COVID-19, contact with a person who has or is suspected to have the virus.

In the days and weeks ahead, we will continue to monitor this evolving situation and keep you updated.

• As needed, we will implement further steps to ensure staff and donor safety. We are fully committed to transparency with our blood program leaders, blood donors and the American public during this time of uncertainty.

Thank you for supporting a blood drive with the Red Cross.
For more information review Red Cross talking points and FAQs on COVID-19.

Mass Service Changes due to COVID-19

Dear Saint Bridget Lay Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and Sacristans;

In light of the growing concern about the coronavirus (COVID-19) and out of an abundance of caution, Bishop Knestout is instructing all parishes, schools, residential adult care centers and campus ministries to take the following measures in their communities for the foreseeable future:

  • Cease distribution of the Precious Blood (Christ is fully present under both species of the Blessed Sacrament)
  • Refrain from shaking hands during the Sign of Peace (bow or verbal gesture is appropriate)
  • Refrain from holding hands during the Lord’s Prayer
  • Remove Holy Water from the Baptismal and Holy Water fonts

A new web page has been implemented at which provides additional safety precautions. This web page will be updated regularly with important information about our diocesan response. Additional resources can be found through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Virginia Department of Health websites.

As always, prayer is an important way Catholics can respond to any crisis as we express our dependence on God. We continue to stand in solidarity with all those affected by the disease as well as those health care professionals who care for them. We ask parishioners to keep these people in mind while we pray  especially as we continue our Lenten journey.

In light of these measures we will not require Lay Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion for the Precious Blood.  Rather than remove any positions from the schedule I ask that you follow the normal routine and check with the Sacristans prior to Mass to see if there is a position open.

I am grateful for your ministry and have you all in my prayers.
Sincerely in Christ,
Monsignor Carr

SBCC Blood Drive on April 5th – Save the Date!


Please consider giving the gift of life by donating blood:

There is no substitute for human blood and the Red Cross needs your help in maintaining the blood supply.

St. Bridget Blood Drive sponsored by the Knights of Columbus is Sunday, April 5th from 8:30-12:30 in Mother Presentation Hall at the school. 

You can sign up after Masses in the Commons or online. Appointments online at are strongly recommended; walk-ins will be considered based on preregistration availability.

American Flag Donation to the St. Francis Home!

Flag Donation:  A new American Flag that was donated to Saint Francis Home by Bart Leahey in 2020. Bart is the active Grand Knight for Council 5476 at St. Bridget Catholic Church in Richmond, VA. Bart actively serves in all aspects of church and community service throughout the parish.

Thank you Bruce Slough for providing this photo and the recognition of Bart’s generous gift to SFH.


40 Days for Life campaign runs from February 26 – April 5

Pilgramage to DC


Please see below, FYI:

The current 40 Days for Life  campaign runs from February 26 (Ash Wednesday) thru April 5(Palm Sunday). In Richmond, a second Planned Parenthood facility is projected to open at 1122 N. 25th street in the coming months. The leadership team of 40 Days for Life has decided to pray at both locations, including the current location of 201 N. Hamilton St. Apeaceful vigil of prayer will be held from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. each of these 40 days.  If you are able, please sign up to pray for an hour at the vigil.  Given our proximity, St. Bridget would be focusing on the N. Hamilton St. location.  For more information, please visit  or email

If you are not able to pray at the location itself, please consider devoting an hour of prayer in support of the mission of the 40 Days for Life campaign by attending the regularly scheduled Adoration and Benediction being held at St. Bridget every Tuesday evening from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Dear Jesus, we believe you are truly present in each consecrated Host.  Please pour your blessings upon the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil. Strengthen each of us, as we work and pray for an end to abortion.  Please heal and reconcile all who have been touched by abortion. Give us the wisdom and resources to help pregnant mothers choose life. Inspire conversion of hearts and minds, that all will come to recognize the dignity and humanity of the unborn child. 

Our Lady of Guadelupe, patroness of the pro-life cause, we humbly seek your motherly guidance and prayerful intercession. Amen.


Men’s Ministry Pilgrimage—March 28



Change to Itinerary, have to add Saint Pope John Paul II Shrine visit opportunity for the guided tour of Franciscan Monastery. I think you can still visit the Franciscan Monastery on your own, they just don’t have a guided tour available until the afternoon. Please see below. It’s not too late to sign-up!

In order to avoid detracting from the Diocesan Men’s Conference, being held at St. Bede on Saturday, March 21, and to allow those wanting to attend that event, our Men’s Ministry Lenten Pilgrimage to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is now scheduled for March 28.  As before, all parts of the Pilgrimage are of course optional and we frequently have small groups and individuals going in different directions a la carte. Unfortunately, due to availability and timing, we will not be able to dine as a group at the Irish Pub…so, sorry. Below is a tentative itinerary, with the various options, with links also below:

6:20 a.m.  Gather at front of St. Bridget

6:30 a.m.  Departure

8:30 a.m.   Arrival at Shrine Cafeteria. Coffee, etc. as needed

9:00 a.m.  Guided Tour of The Shrine

10:00 a.m.-12:00 Noon. Opportunity to visit the Saint Pope John Paul II Shrine, now operated by the Knights of Columbus. I’m checking with them to see if a guided tour is possible. I think you can visit the Franciscan Monastery at this time as well, they just don’t have a morning guided tour available.

10:00 a.m.—12:00 Noon  Private Time for prayer, visits to bookstore/gift shop (also available at Monastery) and/ or Confession. Confessions are available at both the Shrine and the Monastery and Father Tochi will be able to hear confessions as well. I believe the Rosary is prayed in the Crypt Church immediately before the 12:10 Mass.

12 Noon. Suggested lunch time. Shrine Cafeteria, Catholic University of America dining options  (on-campus or bordering retail area)

Approximately 1:00p.m.  Stations of the Cross in the Crypt Church (lower level of the Shrine immediately following the 12:10 Mass)

2:00 p.m.  Private Mass in the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel (lower level of The Shrine)
Celebrant is Father Tochi. Deacons attending can assist I’m sure.

Regroup in Cafeteria area following Mass for immediate departure back to St. Bridget.

Please let me know by replying to if you plan to go on the Pilgrimage and if you would be willing to drive if necessary. If a possible driver, also include how many your vehicle can comfortably fit.

Thanks and best wishes for a fruitful Lent!

Mike K.

P.S.  Let’s also try to have a good showing at the Men’s Conference on March 21