Blood Drive Results Open Letter to the Knights

Dear Brothers,

 I just received confirmation from the American Red Cross that our donor count was 18 total, besting our goal of 15. That translates into up to 54 lives that can be saved due to your efforts. The weight of knowing that by donating your time, and giving your blood, that we actually save lives should not be considered lightly. There are few things we do in life, for the most part donating blood is completely anonymous, that has this kind of impact on other people fighting for their life. Thank you!

 I want to also acknowledge John Terry, Ernie Wittenschleager, Frank Devenoge, and Sean and Jack Cox – I hope I didn’t overlook anyone – for agreeing to volunteer their time to assist with the drive. ARC sent someone to assist with registration, so we were able to get it done seamlessly! I was worried that our first drive with ARC was going to be a much bigger task than in the past, which it turned out not to be – so thank you for coming to my rescue!

 Also, thank you to all the brothers who could donate blood; we understand that many of you are unable to do it. I don’t have the completed list yet, but thank you! The parish responded very positively to having the drive back at church – what a blessing that is! I apologize that we had to turn away several walk-ins, but the pattern was full – it was a good problem to have!

 Overall the drive was a success! There were a couple of things out of our control that slowed us down a  bit. Hopefully we will improve on this going forward. We will be working closely with our ARC coordinator to make these improvements. We needed more screening tables, and more donation beds to decrease wait times. We may also need to move into a larger space, such as Mother Presentation Hall, in order to increase our numbers. There are of course some concerns about that proposal too. We will do our best to work them out and keep you updated!

 We appreciate any feedback you care to share with us about the drive. We can only improve with your help. Please contact me at your convenience, or see me at the next council meeting. I’ll keep you posted on the next blood drive date(s).

 With my most sincere gratitude for your help and consideration, fraternally,


The American Red Cross, our Blood Drive Collection service provider