Campaign to Save Lives – Ultrasound Initiative

Hello Brothers,

We are writing to follow-up on the appeal letter and information sent to you asking for your financial support for “The Jennifer Stivers Campaign to Save the Lives of the Most Vulnerable.”  We are off to a strong start and have received donations back from a number of our KofC brothers.  At this time, we have received 33 donations from our Council members, enabling us to be able to order one of the ultrasound machines.

Just think what we can do if 100% of our Brothers make a gift – of any size – to this critical initiative!

The appeal letter, support information, and donation form are attached again to this email.  We ask you to give this your prayerful consieration and decide on the donation you will make to this important fundraising campaign and to communicate your donation back as soon as possible to Ron Campbell using the attached form.  You may also call Ron or John McCulla, or email us with your donation information.

The link to make a pledge on the St. Bridget ConnectNow site is active and several brothers have given through this channel.  The link is:, and select “Ultrasound Collection Pregnancy Resource Center.”

Please be generous in your contribution with the confidence of knowing that the money you donate will be directly connected to the Pregnancy Resource Center’s services to mothers and their unborn children.  Many, many lives will be saved.

Thank you, Brothers.  We are a Council dedicated to support life and the Unborn! Help us have an great report at our Members meeting on May 13th by making your donation!

In Brotherhood,


John McCulla

Ron Campbell

Greg Stivers

Bart Leahey