Commonwealth for Life Rally at the state Capitol this Thursday

The Commonwealth for Life Rally at the state Capitol this Thursday at 10 a.m.

 It would be great to see the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic community support this important event. Rumor has it that Bishop Burbidge from Arlington may be there.

 Here’s the link on Facebook:

 WHY? Calling all lovers of life, no matter how small! We’re mobilizing & rallying in Richmond in response to the radical, heinous anti-life agenda recently promoted by Gov. Ralph Northam & Del. Kathy Tran’s support of HB2491. Join us!

 Here’s the link for speakers, including yours truly, who will be sharing my testimony of regret:

 Over a thousand people have already committed, including Students for Life, Virginia’s First Foundation, The Family Foundation of Virginia, busloads of schools, churches, etc. 

 Thank you for spreading the word and hope to see you this Thursday.