Any thoughts about making a donation for the Solar Plunge?

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Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2018 10:23 PM
Subject: [EXT] [VSC 118] Programs – Good to Know (Special Olympics Solar Plunge)

Worthy Sirs and Brother Knights,

At the 2018 State Annual Meeting, a stat was mentioned a couple times about the $67,000 which has been raised to help Special Olympics via Polar Plunges which have occurred in Virginia Beach, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and New River.  It was also mentioned that there will be one more plunge opportunity this fraternal year which will occur during the Summer Olympic Games which will be held at  the University of Richmond.

Did you know that the Virginia Knights of Columbus will have a contingent at the University of Richmond participating in the event?  Lead by team captain Chan Mohney, a donation / support page has been created.

The address is:  Currently, Chan and I have signed up and we are looking for more of our friends to join us as we make the plunge to help support ‘God’s Special Children’.  Earlier this week, the District Deputies and the councils in Central Virginia were challenged to donate at least $100 toward the Polar Plunge and to have at least one member join us in the water (creative reading on my part).  Here are some particulars about the plunge:

Who: Knights of Columbus – Virginia State Council
When: Saturday, 9 June at 1:00 pm.
Where: University of Richmond Campus
What: First Annual RVA 2018 SOLAR Plunge
Why: Because our Virginia athletes need our help.

If all 38 councils in the Metro Richmond area plus Districts 11 & 21 were to meet the $100 floor, that would bring our total to over $70,000; therefore, we need a stronger challenge.  Can we end the fraternal year by raising at least $75,000 for Special Olympics?

So, I ask the Worthy District Deputies and Worthy Grand Knights throughout the Old Dominion State to consider making a resolution at their May or June business meeting to support the Solar Plunge team.  I would also ask the 28,000+ Knights and their families to consider joining the team for the event.

Trey Hart
Virginia State Council
State Programs Director
Lift High the Cross

Annual Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage

Dear Brother Knight,

 More than 200 active duty and veteran military personnel are journeying to France this week as part of the annual Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage, organized by the Archdiocese for the Military Services, USA, and supported by the Knights of Columbus. This event, held in conjunction with the annual International Military Pilgrimage, will draw tens of thousands of troops, veterans and others from around the world to the famous shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

 We welcome you to be a part of this experience, from the Candlelight Vigil to the Marian Procession to the video testimonials shared by those whose attendance has been made possible in no small part by the generous contributions of our Knights. 

 Be sure to visit our official website daily and follow hashtag #WarriorstoLourdes on our FacebookTwitterInstagram and YouTube channels. 

 For a glimpse into the week to come, check out the latest video in our Everyday Heroes series, Warrior for Christ. 

“It is very easy to lose faith or suffer both physically and spiritually, but the healing we have enjoyed, both during our trip to Lourdes and since returning, is something that I wish we could share with all of our fellow service members, particularly those in suffering.” — Jonathan A., Marine Corps, Warrior Pilgrim 2017

1st Sgt. Sompaul Vorapanich of the U.S. Army Special Force became a Knight during his deployment in Afghanistan and this year helps lead our pilgrims in Lourdes. Warrior for Christ shares his personal testimony to the power of prayer and brotherhood.

Additional details and information on donating are both available at the WTL 2018 official pilgrimage site