membership incentives available for councils and individuals in Virginia

My Brother Knights of Virginia,

I wanted to follow up from the discussion at the Virginia State Council annual meeting about membership incentives available for councils and individuals in Virginia.  Below is a list of all membership incentives available.

  1.  At the annual meeting I announced that the Virginia State Council is running a membership incentive for May 2018.  For every new member recorded by Supreme in May 2018 the Virginia State Council will send a check in June 2018 for $4.00 per member recorded to each council who has new member(s) recorded.  Think of it this way, the Virginia State Council is going ahead and giving you the $4.00 Virginia per capita for next fraternal year for each of these new members.  In discussions with all three General Agents in Virginia they have agreed to also pay the council $4.00 per member recorded by Supreme in May 2018.  Wow that is $8.00 being paid for each new member recorded by Supreme in May 2018.  What a great time to recruit new members and get them through the Admissions Degree.
  2. Supreme is once again offering a $4.50 credit on per capita for all billable members for councils who achieve Star Council this fraternal year.  If your council is close or has a goal of Star Council this fraternal year now is the time for action.  Just think of the money your council could save and use towards charitable causes.
  3. The Virginia State Council is also running a contest among the District Deputies.  Those high performing districts in January and February 2018 have received money already.  Who is going to get money from the next payout?
  4. If you have not heard or passed this incentive along to your council members, Supreme has an incentive for recruiters.  Those members who have recruited new member(s) between November 15, 2017 and June 30, 2018 are going to be put into a drawing for one of 10 trips paid for by Supreme to the World meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland in August 2018.  Now is the time to recruit a new member and get him to an Admissions Degree so you are eligible and could win this fantastic trip to Dublin.

If you have any questions on these incentives please don’t hesitate to ask your District Deputy, the State Membership Director, or myself and we will get you information quickly.

Fraternally, Steve

Stephen J. Kehoe

State Deputy

Jurisdiction of Virginia