Mass For Departed Brothers Mass at 11:00 am Saturday April 21, 2018.

Sir Knights,

We will host our first Mass For Departed Brothers Mass  at 11:00 am  Saturday April 21, 2018.

Please save the date.

  • I have met with Msgr Carr to firm up the order of the Mass and with Allen Bean for the hymnal selections , etc.
  • I have discussed with GK Roger McDonald at Council 395 requesting their involvement.
  • We have over 6 departed brothers from 395 that attended St Bridget RC Church.
  • I expect they might offer an Honor Guard as we will…… and possibly  Escort Usher(s)  for the Widows.

Honor Guard

  • I will attend Fourth Degree Richmond Assembly 1165 meeting at St Michaels this Monday Feb 26.
  • I will discuss Honor Guard duties with Commander Ted Puchalski.
  • I encourage all our St Bridget SKs to attend.  (6:30 PM start time, park in rear at newly constructed building)      

I am hopeful that GK’s  Rick and Roger McDonald will be available  for the Welcome and for the  Necrology of our Departed Brothers.

For the Mass Ministry, we need

  • a Lector
  • a Candle Lighter to present to the Widow
  • a Eucharist Minister( we have 2 already plus Msgr Carr)  
  • and Escort Ushers ( possibly 9 total)
  • We also need to work on the luncheon afterward. Husbands and wives can assist here. I welcome your ideas.

I  want to offer these positions  to you  Sir Knights first. Please get back with me.

Invitations with RSVP will go out to the widows or their  next of kin. (I’m working on this)

We need to get RSVPs from our councils to confirm headcount so we can have enough luncheon items on hand.

(Will do this by email council broadcast) .