Blood Donations Needed Through Thanksgiving Weekend

Gentlemen Knights,

 Please see below regarding a special request from Christine Homam (parishioner) and Virginia Blood Services. As we sponsor the blood drive at St Bridget, I trust you will assist them if you are able. Please contact me with any questions.

 Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

 Yours very truly, John



Subject: Blood Donations Needed Through Thanksgiving Weekend


Will you send out a message to all the that VBS really needs  help with our donor centers through the holidays.

Could you please spread the word to everyone that they can come to our center at 2825 Emerywood Parkway (right near Glenside Ave and Broad St).

If they use the code for St. Bridget it will credit to the drive we just had (6104).  They can call to make an appointment or just walk-in.  Even if someone donated at your blood drive this month they can donate platelets if it has been at least 7 days.

Please help us keep the blood supply healthy over the Thanksgiving weekend! Thank you for all you do to help save lives and support the community!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here are the center hours:

St Bridget code = 6104

2825 Emerywood Parkway
Richmond, VA 23294

(804) 213-4100
Sun: 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Mon – Wed: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thur: 6:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Fri – Sat: 6:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Christine Homan – Account Manager

Week of Awareness for Persecuted Christians

Pilgramage to DC

Dear Brother Knight,

 The Saint John Paul II National Shrine is honored to participate in a Week of Awareness for Persecuted Christians which will take place from November 26 – December 2.

 As part of this special week, we invite you to join us on the evening of November 28 at 6:00 p.m. for a special Mass that will be celebrated for the victims of the genocide being perpetrated by ISIS.  The liturgy will be celebrated by the Most Reverend Bashar Warda, the Chaldean Archbishop of Erbil, Iraq, in the language of Christ and according to the rite of the Chaldean Catholic Church.

 We invite all the faithful to participate in this very special liturgy.  A light reception will follow.


Maxime Nogier

Deputy Director


St Bridget Advent Retreat December 2nd & 3rd

Hello Brother Knights,

Please see Anne-Marie Condlin’s notes below about the Advent Retreat at St. Bridget on December 2nd and 3rd.

In her note, I’ve highlighted a request she makes asking for a representative from the Knights to participate in a procession into the church at the beginning of the Adoration liturgy. If you can represent the Knights, please email Anne-Marie and let her know that you will join them.

More information is included on the St. Bridget website.

Many thanks for considering.

Best, John

 John K. McCulla

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226

804 342-1114 (office)

804 306-2488 (mobile)

Hi All –

As you may know, the parish is hosting several Advent faith experiences during the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd.  There are opportunities for everyone in the parish to be involved.

On the evening of December 3rd there is dinner and Adoration for middle school, high school and adults. (of course anyone is welcome)

At the beginning of Adoration, individuals will carry candles in a procession at the beginning of the service.  It would be wonderful if all the ministries and groups of the parish are represented.  This would help to make it truly a parish event. 

I think I have individuals from many of our groups in this email.  Please let me know which groups I may have left out.

I am happy to come to your November meeting to share information about all of the wonderful opportunities this first week of advent and to personally invite people to attend.

Would you please let me know who from your groups would be willing to carry a candle?

Here are the groups I know of:

Church staff

Liturgy committee

Parish Council

Finance Council

Saints and Sinners

NET Committee

Knights of Columbus

Women’s Ministry

Men’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study


CHWC RIchmond

Saint Bridget School (teachers and students)

Music Ministry




Anne-Marie S. Condlin

10313 Fraser Court

Henrico, VA 23233

(T) 804/741-5305

(M) 804/426-5298


Andy Condlin’s email is

Veterans Day on Saturday 11/11/17


Veterans Day and Remembrance Day are opportunities to remember the sacrifices made by each and every member of the American Armed Forces and Canadian Armed Services — including so many brother Knights — who have served or who are serving now and who bear the wounds of war. 

To these brave men and women we say thank you for your service. Please join us in a moment of silence to pray for each of them, especially those wounded and ill warriors still suffering for our freedom. 

 This Veterans Day we also remember our brother Knights who have earned the Medal of Honor for their heroic bravery while serving in the armed forces. In addition, we continue to support veterans through our Warriors to Lourdes program, sponsored in partnership with the Archdiocese for Military Services, USA. If you would like to join us in supporting a veteran’s journey of faith, click here


Mary, Immaculate Virgin, Our Mother, 

please pray to your Son, Our Lord,

 for our warriors and our veterans,

 for our countries and our continued freedom. Amen.




As we market the Christmas cards and ornaments we need to also carry on our charitable work by distributing food bags for the food pantry this weekend. We have only a limited supply but I will endeavour to put them out Saturday morning before I go out of town. I know Augie is also out-of-town for his usual 5:30 Mass on Saturday, so we will need someone(s) to help at that Mass and at 7:30 on Sunday in our stead.

Thanks for all you do.

Fraternally,  Mike K.

P.S.  Catholic Charities is going to try to locate a store to replace Martin’s that could provide us a consistent supply going forward. The Wegman family is well-known in Catholic philanthropy circles. I think they are checking with them

On Oct 4, 2017, at 7:37 AM, CKoz654 <> wrote:


Worthy Grand Knight:


The Knights of Columbus in the Richmond area have provided a Christmas Eve dinner for the patients at the McGuire Medical Center for over thirty consecutive years. This would never be possible without the dedicated support of the Knights of Columbus Councils and Assemblies. You have yearly provided an extra spark for Veterans confined to the hospital during this time when they would rather be home with our families.


We provide a Christmas Dinner of Turkey, Roast Beef, Ham, Shrimp Cocktail, Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Cheese, Soft Drinks, Fruits and Deserts. Your council is requested to provide the items listed below.

Monsignor Francis Byrne    Council 5476

Roast Beef for 30 people    

10 Dozen Dinner Rolls        


If you are unable to be part of this celebration of Christmas with our Veterans, please contact one of the planning staff listed at the bottom of this page by December 1st.


In addition to providing dinner the Fourth Degree Posts the Colors, Knights and Families serve dinner to the Veterans that cannot leave their rooms, Knights and families are in the serving line, Knights and Families assist Veterans in wheel chairs, a group sings Christmas Carols, a group provides background music, and a Christmas Card is provided to everyone. In order to make this a successful day we need many helpers; each council is asked to bring at least 3 people to work.

Please deliver food by 1:30 and volunteers arrive by 2:00 PM


Thank you for including hospitalized veterans in your Christmas plans



The Planning Staff


Kelly Mortensen                     Steve Layne

(804) 674-6895                       (804) 338-5838

2018 Special Olympics Polar Plunge

Subject: [VSC 118] 2018 Special Olympics Polar Plunge




Worthy Sirs and Catholic Gentlemen,

As you know, the Knights of Columbus have been very strong proponents of Special Olympics.  During the Fall Games in Virginia Beach and the Summer Games in Richmond, the Knights are abound, providing support in a myriad of ways.  Add in the time and talents that are provided in local / regional events, KOVAR, VKCCI, and various board memberships, Knights live out the call of charity to God’s special children.  If you recall from the regional training sessions and at the Autumn Quarterly meeting, we talked about the five Special Olympic Polar Plunges which will occur this fraternal year.  While not trying to downplay the Solar Plunge which will occur during the Summer Games, the NOVA and New River Plunges which will occur in February, and the Charlottesville Plunge which will occur in December, I want to focus on the largest and the craziest Plunge of them in Virginia Beach.

While the main event is the plunge (which is usually around 2pm Saturday), there are other activities going on as well.  For those who are runners, there is the SunTrust Dash & Splash, consisting of a four-mile (9:30am) and one-mile (11am) run in the morning.  Over the last few years, we have several Knights who have competed in the run and some who have placed.   The plunge marketplace is always jumping with live music; however, I have never ventured into the marketplace since I could hear the music while walking on the boardwalk or in the hospitality room; however, I am going to make an effort this year, as there are local artisans who were showing off their work at the marketplace.  Maybe I can get ahead on some Mother’s Day presents this year.

One of my favorite activities to witness (not participate) is the annual costume parade, this year sponsored by TJ Maxx.  One year, a couple of the local colleges dressed up as the Monopoly game.  This is the prelude to the plunge itself.  Since we are major sponsors, we have the honor of escorting the Special Olympians into the water before the mass of humanity jumps in.

As an aside, we are having a hospitality room Friday night and Saturday in the Hyatt (2705 Atlantic Avenue).  I mention this because there will be a group photo Saturday morning (right before the costume parade) for all of the KofC plungers.  We were within a group of 3000 plungers in Virginia Beach; let’s get that number to 4000 this year!   For those who plan to make a weekend of it in Virginia Beach, I would strongly suggest making hotel reservations now at any of the seven hotels which are sponsoring the Polar Plunge.  Rooms will fill up VERY quickly if previous years are any indications.  For those who raise $750 in pledges will receive a one-night hotel voucher for the weekend.  So if you and wife both raise $750 each, the only cost to you will be the transportation to Virginia Beach and any incidentals / souvenirs that are purchased.

When people sign up for the polar plunge (any of them), please do not forget that the Knights have a team.  Just use your council number as your middle name.  This way we can see which councils are participating.  Since the plunges are all over the state, it would be really something if every council had at least one person participate.  The State Officers and State Directors are in the process of signing up for the Virginia Beach plunge; some have already started to talk up the collection process.  If anyone needs help signing up for the Polar Plunge, please reach out to State Special Olympics Coordinator Chan Mohney.  He helped me through a couple of items; and, I am certain that he will be willing and able to help you as well.

Trey Hart
Virginia State Council
Director – General Programs
Lift High the Cross