New Third Degree Knights, Council 5476!

On Saturday August 26, 2017, Bob Redmond and Barry O’Brien advanced to Full Knighthood in the Third Degree of the Knights of Columbus. The ceremony took place at St Michael’s Church. There were 25 other Knights from the central Virginia area who received this honor. Please congratulate Bob and Barry on receiving advanced degrees for their service in St Bridget Knights of Columbus Council 5476.


Photo Caption:  Pictured are Rolfe Trimble, Council Advancement Chairman with Bob Redmond and Barry O’Brien.


September 11th Meeting Speaker


Below please find a couple of links that our Christo Rey speaker was hoping to get to our membership before the September meeting date. Please plan to attend, he will speak for about 15 minutes.

Also, perhaps to discuss at meeting would be a donation to K of C disaster relief efforts for our brother Knights in Texas.

Also, I’d like to make an announcement about our St. Bridget pro-life ministry program on Saturday, 10/21 from 9-11 am. We have a panel of speakers on depression/ anxiety, teen depression, and opioid addiction, along with pastoral care from a Catholic perspective regarding these issues.

Peace be with you.

Fraternally, Mike

On Aug 8, 2017, at 9:34 AM, Adria Hogan <> wrote:

Hi Mike-

Yes- I can be at your council meeting on Sept. 11 starting at 6:30. I will plan to be there until 7:15. There is a video component of my presentation, so I will bring my pc…..will I have access to a projector to show it?

Does the group ever get digital info to view before a presentation? Attached are some docs in digital form as well as links to some Youtube videos that tell the Cristo Rey story. Some organizations find it useful (and it saves time) for members to view content before the meeting.

Thanks for arranging this!

Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study kick off in Milwaukee

A good intro to Cristo Rey


On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 7:29 AM, <> wrote:


You can speak at the beginning of our meeting on Sept. 11 from 7:00-7:15 p.m.  We also have a social gathering with light food and drinks beginning at 6:30 if you’d care to attend.  We meet in the Rectory basement of St. Bridget.  There is a special buzzer set up on a chair next to the back door (by the main school parking lot) to press to gain admission for the K of C meeting room.  Please be careful NOT to press the buzzer on the wall for the priest’s residence…it annoys them when their doorbell rings repeatedly!  Hope this date and time works for you.  Peace be with you.

Mike K.