House Fire on Rhodes Lane – Help Needed

Dear Brothers,

 For the Brothers that don’t know me I am Ron Paquette a retired public school teacher, football coach, and the last eleven years of my career the Athletic Director at L C Bird High School in Chesterfield.

 Last Tuesday one of our former players, Donavan Ginger a basketball player, lost everything and I mean everything including two dogs in a house fire on Rhodes Lane. He has a son age 9, a daughter age 6 and a new baby due in August. Donavan is 28 and facing some bleak times.

 My reason for this is, we, the Bird High Skyhawk family are looking for donations to help him and his family.  We are looking for the following items clothes for a 9yr old boy and a 6yr old girl, any household items, dishes, cookware, etc,,, toys, anything you might have no more use for and would like to part with.

 I will gladly put anything in my garage and get it delivered.  My address is 8368 Abbey Rd, Richmond VA.  I would come and get it but on this Monday I am having a total knee replacement and will be out of commission as far as driving and lifting. Pennie, my wife will be here after Monday’s surgery unless she is running me to St Francis for PT.  Even if she is not you can leave it by the garage door. We will take good care of it

 Thanks Brothers in  advance for whatever you can do.

 Ron Paquette

 Questions? c 804 837-0950


Here are sizes needed

Clothing Sizes & Information:

Men’s: 2XL Shirts, 36×36 Pants, XL Shorts, Size 12-12.5 Shoes L Shirts, 33×30 or 34×30 Pants, Size Shoes Women’s: Large Shirts, 10-12 or Large Pants (Maternity), Size 7.5-8 Shoes Boy’s: Medium Shirts, 8-10 Pants/Shorts, Size 4 Shoes Girl’s: Large Shirts, 10-12 Pants/Shorts, Size Shoes ? Baby Boy: Newborn-12 months, Diapers (any size) Toys: 9 year old boy, 6 year old girl


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