Fish Fry Event Photos

2017 Fish Fry Event Photos to celebrate the success we enjoyed raising funds for the Knights of Columbus Scholarship Fund.

Special thanks to John McCulla for organizing another excellent parish celebration, dinner and drinks!

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this a memorable festivity!!!


Two very successful week end events!

Congratulations to Sir Knight Gary Port and Sir Knight  Bruce Slough for leading two very successful week end events!

Membership Director Gary Port worked every Mass over the week end promoting the Knights, and we now have 6 new form 100’s to process…..We are hosting a 1st Degree Exemplification on Wednesday April 19th, and we hope that they will all become Knights that evening….thanks for your leadership, Gary.

In addition, KOVAR Co-Chair Bruce Slough led a bunch of volunteers raising over $550 at the Masses over the week end….the yellow vests and our volunteers were very prominent at all Masses over the week end! Thanks Bruce!

And a “shout out” to all of the many volunteers who helped make these efforts successful!


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