An Update on Dale’s Condition

2015 Superbowl Chili Sales
2015 Superbowl Chili Sales – Dale on the left

From David W.

I was just with Dale at cardiac intensive care [VCU] .

His heart doc handed him some heavy news which was not good. His outlook is very poor. There may be a chance for good with an artificial heart but there are issues which may prevent this. He is trying to digest this news.

Please continue with your prayers. God’s will be done.


Dr  David Whitehead


From John M.


Ann and I visited with Dale late afternoon.  He was conversant and in good spirits.  He had a number of visitors today, and all have lifted his spirits in expressing their support and prayers.  We were able to take communion to him.  So comforting to him and humbling for us to see his joy in receiving our Lord.

Dale is hoping to be able to go home in a few days and further recover his strength as he has more procedures planned.  He is very accepting of his situation knowing that he is in God’s hands.  Ultimately, he told us he will likely need a heart transplant to have hope of recovering to enjoy a full and active life.

Please keep Dale in your prayers.  Though he needs to rest and recover, he is open to visits during the day.  He is in Main Hospital, Floor 10 E, Room 312.

Best, John

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