Special Olympics on June 10 and 11 – Volunteers





Brother Knights: we once again have the privilege to help with the Special Olympics Summer Games that will be held at the University of Richmond Robbins Center and Stadium on Friday June 10 and on Saturday June 11.

On Friday evening we need volunteers to help the athletes and their families and caregivers get seated for the ceremonies and celebration. This year the event is going to be held in the stadium – weather permitting. If you want to be part of a really special event, let me know.

On Friday  you will need to be at the Stadium no later than 5:30 PM and you will help people and groups to get to their designated seats, and distribute lightsticks to the athletes. It is a lot of fun – lots of smiles and lots of excited athletes.  Once the ceremonies begin, you are free to leave, although many of our Knights have chosen to stay and join in the celebration.

On Saturday we need help starting at 8:30 to 9 AM to setup games for the athletes and their families to enjoy when they are not competing. We are located on the second level of the Robbins Center and will have at least two cornhole games and a variety of other games provided by the Special Olypics organization. Our job is to help people with the games, and to ensure everyone gets a chance at the different games. We need volunteers for 9 to

12 and for 12 to 4 PM. Lunch is available at the Hardee’s tent for volunteers.

Send me an EM at andyj31524@gmail.com   I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. If you have children or grandchildren that would like to volunteer with you,  they can qualify for Community Service hours by helping out.

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