Fish Fry totals

Grand Knight and Brothers,

St Bridget annual fish fry logo

The dust has settled and the chips have fallen where they will.  After tallying up and settling expenses with the church, the final income from the Fish Fry totals out to $3,709.31.  This includes a $30 check written to the KofC, and a check from St. Bridget Church for the proceeds of $3,679.31.  Attendance was up about 24% and income up about 30%.


Randy – if you haven’t received it yet, the St. Bridget check should be in the KofC mailbox.


Strong support for the KofC Catholic Schools s


Many thanks again to all that worked the event, and to all that donated food and drink and prizes for the event.  Please thank in particular Alan Serafim for guiding the kitchen, Mark Sweeney for the fish donation; Dale Matanic for the BTUs and Scott and Carolyn Luxton for the wine.  Also, Joe DeVincentis for an impressive bottle of scotch.






John K. McCulla

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226

804 342-1114 (office)

804 306-2488 (mobile)

413 751-9560 (fax)


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