National Day of Protest

APRIL 23: National Day of Protest at Planned Parenthood in Richmond, Virginia

Dear Pro-Life Friend,


Are you shocked and insulted by Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s audacity to hold a “veto signing ceremony” AT Planned Parenthood Tuesday morning? It was a smack in the face for all of us that work so hard for the dignity of human life…especially the lives of our precious unborn babies.


Will you stand with me and let your voice be heard?


On Saturday, April 23, #ProtestPP will conduct the first annual nationwide protest at Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide, to be held on the 4th Saturday of April every year until the abortion chain no longer preys upon our communities.  We MUST continue to expose the truth about Planned Parenthood and bring charges against all those responsible for the horrific baby parts scandal.


Event: National Day of Protest Against Planned Parenthood

When: Saturday, April 23, 9:00-11:00 a.m.
Where: Planned Parenthood, 201 N. Hamilton Street, Richmond, VA 23221

More Info: Call Leslie Blackwell at (804) 304-4712 or email:

Facebook Page:


Come out April 23, and bring your friends — especially those who haven’t been out on the front lines at an event like this before. We may never have a better opportunity to strip Planned Parenthood of their massive $500 million taxpayer subsidy and expose the truth about this corrupt organization.  So mark your calendar and plan to come out for the National Day of Protest against Planned Parenthood in Richmond on April 23!


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke


Yours for Life,


Leslie Davis Blackwell, ProtestPP Organizer

Silent No More, VA Regional Co-Coordinator

Twitter: @BlackwellLeslie




Fish Fry totals

Grand Knight and Brothers,

St Bridget annual fish fry logo

The dust has settled and the chips have fallen where they will.  After tallying up and settling expenses with the church, the final income from the Fish Fry totals out to $3,709.31.  This includes a $30 check written to the KofC, and a check from St. Bridget Church for the proceeds of $3,679.31.  Attendance was up about 24% and income up about 30%.


Randy – if you haven’t received it yet, the St. Bridget check should be in the KofC mailbox.


Strong support for the KofC Catholic Schools s


Many thanks again to all that worked the event, and to all that donated food and drink and prizes for the event.  Please thank in particular Alan Serafim for guiding the kitchen, Mark Sweeney for the fish donation; Dale Matanic for the BTUs and Scott and Carolyn Luxton for the wine.  Also, Joe DeVincentis for an impressive bottle of scotch.






John K. McCulla

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226

804 342-1114 (office)

804 306-2488 (mobile)

413 751-9560 (fax)


Fish Fry – Thank You from Brother McCulla

Fellow Parishioner and Fish Fry Volunteers,

St Bridget annual fish fry logo

Because of YOU, our Annual Parish Lenten Fish Fry was a great success!


We had a wonderful evening this past Friday night.  The turnout of parishioners was just great, and the fellowship and friendship happening in Mother Presentation Hall was great!  The Knights of Columbus met their objective of funding the scholarships they give each year to graduating St. Bridget students that are going on to Catholic High School!  We don’t have a final figure for the Fish Fry, as we are tallying up the expense side of it, but it is clear that things went well!


Thanks to all that manned the ticket tables after Masses leading up to the Fish Fry.  That was a great help in getting the word out and preselling to many coming to the Fry!


From the ticket sales ahead of the Fish Fry, and those that came to the door, we figure that over 425 meals were served!  Wow!  The men on the cook team in the kitchen, led by our resident chef and caterer Alan Serafim, were whirling dervishes trying to stay ahead of the crowd!


There was a lot of action at the raffle tables for the raffle baskets and the 50/50 drawing!  Thanks to the Women’s Bible Study group and St Bridget School and to several parishioners for donating baskets!  And thank you to the brother Knight that donated that great bottle of Chivas!


Thanks also to the Wine and Beer donors – both were sold out and had to be replenished – wow!


The serving lines were kept busy throughout the night.  We had many great volunteers helping serve, including the St Bridget Service Team.  They all did a great job!!  And, a special callout to Rick and Madeline Witty for putting in an incredible effort!  Rick was like a tornado on line 1!


And, much cake and ice cream was served, and coffee and drinks drunk!  Thank you to all working those stations.


A special thanks to those that set up for the dinner – Ray and Kathy Praught and Kath Thompson to name a few, and those that helped de-setup – including the Sloughs and the Luxtons.  Many hands make light work!


Finally, it was great to have Monsignor and Fr. George with us!  Monsignor truly enjoyed himself, and Fr. George stepped in as Pat Sajack to draw the prize winners.  Thank you!


And, we very much appreciate our St. Bridget School and its support to make the Fisyh Fry a success!


Please plan to come again next year – but buy your tickets ahead of time!  That will really help!  J






John K. McCulla

Head Abbott of the Holy Order of Fish Fryers

6 Clarke Road, Richmond, VA 23226

804 342-1114 (office)

804 306-2488 (mobile)

413 751-9560 (fax)