St Bridget Hosts CARITAS February 20-27

I was at a meeting this morning with one of my Catholic networking groups where Karen O’Brien with CARITAS of Virginia spoke to us. It was a terrific reminder of all the wonderful services that are offered to those in need here in Richmond Virginia.

The list of services, volunteer opportunities and donation options is staggering. Not to mentions all the additional services available to help people get their feet back on the ground.

St Bridget will be a Host Parish in February for CARITAS. The link to the church web site is: 

Please consider getting involved, or visit the Caritas web site for volunteer opportunities.

 CARITAS is the largest provider of homeless services in the Metro Richmond area. Our recently drafted “why” statement expresses what we strive to accomplish: “United by our compassion, we help our most vulnerable neighbors break the cycle of addiction and homelessness to reclaim their dignity.”