From Bishop Barron – Lent Begins Tomorrow!

Lent begins tomorrow!




Tomorrow begins our great journey through Lent. Together, we will join with thousands of other Christians as we mark the days until we celebrate the Resurrection of the Lord.

For many people, the big feast of the year is Christmas, but for Christians, the truly great feast is Easter. Without Easter, without the Resurrection, we would not have the gift of salvation. Jesus had to rise from the dead or else he would have just been another failed Messiah and his birth would be a forgotten footnote of history.

That’s why Lent is such an important time of year for us. It is the period when we refocus on the passion and death of Jesus so that we will be ready to embrace the good news of the Resurrection at Easter.

As we begin with Ash Wednesday tomorrow, and its reminder of repentance, let us lock our eyes on the Lord and embrace this journey of transformation.
Bishop Robert Barron



PS. Check your inbox tomorrow morning for your first daily Lent reflection.

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