MembershipLogoColor-EnFirst Degree Brothers,

Save the date Nov 18, 2015 Wednesday, time 6:30PM at Council 395 at Columbian Center on Pump Rd behind Tuckahoe Rescue Squad.

Membership card, coat and tie required.

Please let me know if you plan on attending this Second Degree Exemplification Ceremony.

The Knights of Columbus seeks, for all brothers,  to advance to full membership of the 3rd degree.

Each degree of the Order teaches a lesson about the Knight and expands the brother’s awareness.

The 1st degree is done at the council level.

The 2nd degree is at the district level, and exposes brothers to the other councils in their area.

The 3rd degree is at the state level where one can see how extensive the Knights are.

The lessons of each degree follow this pattern:

the 1st is charity, which is always closest to home.

The 2nd is unity where we will pull together and

the 3rd is fraternity: all of us pulling together.

The 2nd degree continues the Knighthood journey and builds understanding and awareness, helps explain why we work together to help each other and make good things happen.

Next Third Degree Opportunity – Should be announced at this degree ceremony.


Gary Port, Membership Director



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