Council Blood Drive Update

AnnV giving Blood - June 2013Dear Brothers,

As a follow up to the last Council meeting, I went to a meeting this week at Virginia Blood Services. Christine Homan is a St Bridget parishioner and the Account Manager for VBS, and she organized the event. The tour, lunch and meeting was well attended, with other parishes in the area being there as well. Paul Amrhein, Ann VanderSyde and I were there on behalf of St Bridget (and Council 5476). The strongest showing came from Our Lady of Lourdes and their Knights of Columbus supporters.

Lourdes produces on average 50 donors during each blood drive. Their Knights Council is the BD sponsor with strong support and participation from its membership. St Bridget gets between 15 to 20 donors on average, and our numbers have been decreasing lately. Our Council is the primary BD sponsor, and we could use more participation from our members. It is apparent that if we are to be successful, I cannot do this alone. Of course not everyone can give, but we can still help.

Then next blood drive is Sunday, November 22nd after each morning Mass. VBS usually arrives by 7:30 AM and wraps up by 1:00 PM. Signup has been in person, on line, or by way of walk-ins the day of the event.

I am planning to host a sign-up and blood drive education table on the 8th & 15th, the two weeks prior to the next scheduled BD. I feel that if we increase our presence we will in turn increase our donors. I will be manning a table after each mass, at least as far as my work schedule will permit it. Like Mike’s CCC food bag distribution, if you are available for five or ten minutes after the Mass that you attend, will you please consider helping by manning the table? It will be much appreciated.

In addition, with Paul’s help, we are soliciting assistance from other groups in church in order to get the word out to our parishioners. If you are interested in helping, please contact me at your convenience – contact info below.

Finally, what I took away from the meeting at VBS is quite simply the fact that giving blood supports and saves LIFE. It is perhaps the greatest physical gift that we can offer as human beings, to selflessly and anonymously be good Christians, in helping others who are truly in desperate need, by actually saving lives with our blood donation. It’s a powerful concept to consider;  hopefully you will think about helping with this endeavor too.  Thank you!

Fraternally, John