Papal Visit – Papal Mass at the Basilica in Washington, DC

News from the Richmond Assembly regarding the Pope’s Visit – FYI

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Sent: Sunday, August 30, 2015 4:33 PM
Subject: [Richmond Assembly] Papal Visit: LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

Pope Francis in March of 2013

Pope Francis in March of 2013

Papal Visit

The Calvert Province (Virginia, DC, Delaware, PA, MD) now has preliminary information concerning our participation for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia and the Papal Mass in Philadelphia.  Information on the Papal Mass at the Basilica in Washington, DC is not finalized and will be distributed as soon as possible.

Additional information will be forthcoming about how the requirements will be allocated.  For the Philadelphia events, preferences will be given to the local assemblies.  Information concerning muster times, locations, travel and parking are also being developed.

Please complete the information, indicating the events for which you would like to volunteer ASAP.

For the World Meeting of Families meeting at the Philadelphia Convention Center, we will provide honor guards for four masses.

On Tuesday, Sept. 22 we require 60 members in regalia processing for the opening Mass at 4:00 PM.  On Wednesday, 23rd, Thursday, 24th, and Friday 25th, we will require 30 members in regalia processing for daily Mass to be held at 8 or 8:30 AM, Mass time not definite, in the convention center.

On Sunday, Sept. 27th.  Mass with the Holy Father.  Reporting time is 8:00 AM. We will require 300 volunteers to serve as ushers and to man communion stations in the VIP section. These individuals will have one of the best locations to serve. These volunteers must be dressed in dark suit and will be provided with a K of C sash to wear. These volunteers can bring their wife and adult children over 18 to volunteer with them. They must dress appropriately as well.  No regalia will be used at this Mass.

Please remind our members that we are serving the Holy Father so we need to look sharp and professional. We need to present a positive image of the Order for these events.

No members in wheel chairs, no canes or walkers, no Santa Claus beards. Strict use of the Color Corps Drill Manual guidelines for uniforms.  All members shall wear the PG-113 official Fourth Degree pin.  No flag pins are to be worn.  Complete guidelines are in the Color Corps Drill Manual and in the Assembly Handbook provided to all navigators at the June organizational meeting.

I will need the following information from you to participate.  You may email me CONFIDENTIALLY or call me at the tel. number below.

Last Name

First Name Address Telephone Email ASSY
Cape Color 9/23 Mass 9/24 Mass 9/25 Mass 9/27 Papal Mass Birth Date SSN Thanks.

Ed Polich
Faithful Pilot
Richmond Assembly 1165
Knights of Columbus

Tel: 804-314-1065

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