Patton Family School Contributions Requested

Brother Knights –


With the untimely passing of our Brother Knight Chris Patton, his widow, Nina, is working through details of her financial situation and facing some timing issues for SGHS tuition next year for her two daughters, Bridget and Mason.   The officers unanimously approved a $1K donation at the June 4 business meeting to help fund tuition for SGHS next year.   A generous member of the St Bridget family, anonymously donated the tuition for their third daughter, Quinn’s tuition to attend St Bridget school next year.


While respecting Nina’s request for privacy, a group of school parents are reaching out to people who care about the Patton’s to solicit additional financial support.   If any individual Knights would like to contribute,  you can just send a check to the below contact at SGHS   We are confident with the generosity of people that care about the Patton family, SGHS will work out some type of arrangement on timing of tuition payment.


Jane Johnson

3215 Stuart Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23221

In check memo note ‘Patton tuition’