Blood Drive Results

Thank you for the SBCC blood drive yesterday.

We registered 12 people and collected 12 units.  I think there was a lot going on which may have taken away from the blood drive – as well as nice weather after a week of rain!

The next drive is August 30th

Christine Homan, Account Manager






Identity is a theme to which Pope Francis has returned often in his daily preaching. He speaks of Catholics, metaphorically, as having a certain “identity card,” as valuable and consequential as a passport or a driver’s license. Our legal documents record important details such as our eye color, hair color, and home address. These details matter to us, but they are superficial; they can change over time. Pope Francis, however, speaking from the Catholic tradition, is more concerned, as we are in this letter, about an identity that is essential, enduring, and true. We must talk about the identity we receive in baptism. It cannot be taken away from us. It is permanent. Indeed, it is all we can hope to keep at the end of our earthly life.

Please visit this link for the entire publication: 

Thank you brother Mike Kozak for sharing this information!



Our Scholarship



Brother Knights,

Committee (David Whitehead, Matt Costello  and Ron Coombs) reviewed the applications received and

Recommended Reagan Leahey and Charlie Garbett as winners to receive our $1,000 Catholic High School Scholarship Award.

They will be attending St Gertrude and Benedictine College Prep this fall.

Both scholarship winner graduated with 39 other students from St Bridget School on June 1st.

Vice Principal George Sadler presented many awards to the students including our award certificate to Reagan and Charlie.

Msgr Carr and I were on hand at the graduation reception to congratulate our winners and take a photo for our church Bulletin.

Please extend your congratulations to these worthy students and their parents.


Gary, Scholarship Chairman