Thanks for Your Blood Donations on Sunday

We had a lower than hoped turnout for the March Blood Drive, but much of that may be attributed to the recent spat of severe weather and the DST time change.  We typically average 18 pints, but didn’t quite get there with 12.

Thanks to all of our brother Knights who participated – I don’t have the list of donors so we cannot publicly thank you at this time.


Message from VBS: 

Good afternoon!  Thank you so much for the blood drive yesterday.  We did have lower participation but I think a lot had to do with the time change.

We registered 12 people and collected 12 units.

The next blood drive date is June 7th.  I will make sure to get the materials to you earlier this time.

Christine Homan,  Account Manager

June Blood Drive Logo_SBCC_6-5-13