Repost – There is No Fighting God, By George Weigel

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This is a short read, but very powerful. I hope to entice you with the first few sentences, and have provided a link to the complete post.


Some months after my son-in-law, Rob Susil, died, a longtime friend asked me, in a gentle but point-blank way, “Are you still fighting God?” The only honest response was, “Yes.” At which my friend said, simply, “You’re not going to win, you know . . .”

I think back on that exchange now, during the Lent following the fifth anniversary of Rob’s death, because Lent is the “acceptable time” (2 Cor 6:2) to ponder the mystery of suffering and death, and what it teaches us about God’s ways, our ways, and the incalculable difference between the two.

Even after a half-decade, the death of Dr. Robert Susil makes no sense by any human calculus.

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