Volunteer for Council 5476 Sponsored Free-throw Contest – 2/7/2015

KOC freethrow graphic

Council 5476 Sponsored Free-throw Contest – Volunteers Needed

Questions? Contact Jim Ryan

 email:   jim.ryan@vacu.org 


Saturday, February 7, 2015.

Check-in will run 2:00pm – 2:45pm

Any contestant not checked in

by 2:45pm will be unable to compete.



Mother Presentation Hall @ St. Bridget’s School

6006 Three Chopt Road

Richmond, VA 23226



Boys & Girls

9-14 years old.

Each will compete separately in their respective age and




Each contestant receives three

warm-up tosses followed by 15

consecutive free throw attempts

from the foul line. To break a tie,

contestants take a second round of

five free throws. No warm-up

tosses are permitted for the tiebreaker

rounds. Successive rounds

of five free throws each continue

until a winner emerges.


Contestants MUST bring the following:

*A parent, Guardian, or other Adult Escort

*A Photo Form of identification that establishes their birth date




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