Update from Jose – Council Superbowl Chili Sales

Dear Brother Knights.

Thanks again to all of you for the great help with the chili.  I hope your team won the Superbowl (I didn’t have a horse in the race per se but the game was at least entertaining).


We are talling up the sales and some loose ends but by several indications we did pretty well.  There are only 16 quarts (out of 173) left and most if not all are already claimed.  We will have final numbers shortly.  Until then a couple of loose ends and info:


  1. On Sunday we gave Father Stefan 5 quarts (2x$15, plus 1x$8 = $38) to share with Monsignor Carr and the folks at the rectory. If you would like to sponsor these and pitch in with a few bucks to pay for them let me know. (John McCulla responded)
  2. We gave 1 quart (paid and sponsored by Bart Leahey and myself) to Elvis (custodial at the school and church) 3. We also gave 2 quarts to Ray Honeycut, principal at St. Bridget, and 2 quarts to George Sadler, vice principal at St. Bridget, for being gracious enough to let us use the school kitchen to cook (paid and sponsored by Bart Leahey and myself).
  3. We gave 2 quarts to Smith, custodial at the school and church (paid and sponsored by Gary, Ron and myself)


Let me know if you can pitch in for 1 above.  Thanks so much!


See you all soon.



Jose Alcaine

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